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Ontological Argument for any to debate

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Ontological Argument for any to debate


The argument is a long standing debate and is simple to assess.


A cause is observed, then who (what) caused it?


That is the premise of the argument, such that throughout history any action must have causation. Even how the Sun came up and the returned to the down under was inquired upon.


In many belief systems the debate of ‘who’ became unnecessary as God was created as the causation of all. So from there forth each phenomenon, unanswered, had a causation.



Yet, to look around and face a man and ask; have you met the guy? Not a one can honestly say; yes! This is where many fail as the beliefs learned begin to unfold a whole paradigm of accepted opinions and the root of each determinations can be traced to the honesty of each person and their opinion; this is how the practice of religions begin to isolate minds from the reality of truth. They build from the premise of someone elses accepted belief which has little to do with reality or truth.


Where the philosophical opinions take root is how many began to drill down each idea of action and reaction to various forms. IN many cases many ended up with the ‘light’ or the sun as the spark that fuels all life.



But then the debate returns; who turned on the lights?



And reality shares each ‘new’ idea of each persons mind is simply of light.




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