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Yogi levitating - Amazing!! History of Magic - Levitation

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default.jpg pixel-vfl73.gifA floating Dutchman in DC


Now this is how yogis in India have been doing it for thousands of years


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YOGI Sumit Saadhak Practicing Pranayama and Nauli kriya ...


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simple stuff




Such that when it is reproducible then it is teachable.


Meaning; unless the action can be repeated and observed equally by each person, then the occurance needs a wee bit of work.


Yet, the action can be observed under reproducible conditions and each can observe the levitation of mass above a surface with NO physical interferances


for additional material on how yogi did it, see the clip by boo boo









Seems the Catholic's have much of the material evidence of how Levitation is performed.


Is it possible that is how Jesus walked on water? And raised the dead?


Heck if that sect can do that, what can your guru offer?


Can we float to the moon?


If yogi can perform that while only wearing a robe, we could all sell that one and then simply say; if you all stop eating meat than everyone can learn how to vacation on the moon. Simply put a price on it eh?


(and then perhaps we can work on the little item like global peace and equality when we have the extra time)



Who wants to work on the traffic issue, so we can limit the flying fatalities?


and will we need head lights for night flight?


This will be so confusing but at least the fuel crisis will become moot.


i think my license plate will be Genie....

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