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Vic DiCara / Vraja Kishor

Interesting Gandanta Nakshatra Navamsha Fact

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I just stumbled across and interesting fact concerning Nakshatras on the Gandanta borders... There are 3 types of nakshatras: Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction. The first nakshatra Ashwini is Creation, the second Bharani is Maintenance, the third Krittika is Destruction, and the cycle keeps repeating.


Whenever you repeat the cycle from Destruction back to Creation (i.e. the border between Kritika and Rohini, for example) you will get a Gandanta Water-to-Fire border in the Navamsha. This will happen for 3 repetitions, and on the 3rd repetition the Destruction-to-creation border coincides not only with a Navamsha gandanta, but also with the main zodiacal navamsha (i.e. the 3rd repetition is the border between Ashlesha and Magha, which coincides with the navamsha border between Pisces and Aries AND with the zodiac border between Cancer and Leo).


This pattern repeats through the entire zodiac.

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