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I am restless...please please help me...

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I am Sakthi.This is my third post in the forum regarding my troublesome marriage life.I am in US right now.me and my husband have been seperated for nearly 1 year and we have been married for 1 year.I have got lots of guidance from our learned astrologers regarding this issue .My sincere thanks to all of them.My father-in-law is trying hard to get divorce.since I am not ready to give divorce,they started giving me mental tortures by speaking horrible words and false blamings in the recent days through phone.They play some mind game and push me in depression and ultimately wanted me to give divorce.Being lonely i am suffering a lot.So i wanted to travel back to India to my parents and wanted to fight against my inlaws and my husband to save my marriage life by being in India.But everywhere i am facing troubles. I am not getting immediate release in my project.They told me to wait for some days to find a suitable replacement.But i cannot wait.i feel very restless.I am not able to concentrate in my career too. i feel like sitting on fire.Why my mind is highly fluctuating and always depressed nowadays though i pray like how our astrologers guided?why my problems getting worsen after i do believe in god and started praying him?this makes me to loose confidence again.when will I go back to India and when will i overcome all these troubles completely?My father met a spiritual guy somedays before.He said 99% of our reunion is not possible and my husband is a sadist and he likes to make others cry..he will born as dog in the next jenma something he told.after hearing to these,my parents are quite upset.but i am the only one who still believe some miracle will happen and my husband will understand my love and will come back to me.For me he is not very bad and only his family members are very cruel.but these mental depressions blows out me completely.


My details:


DOB:March 9,1982

Time:5.50 PM


moon sign:Simmam

natchatharam: pooram

place of Birth Dharmapuri/ Tamilnadu/ India


please someone help me in predicting when will i go back to India and will i win if i file case in family court against my inlaws abt the tortures they gave (and giving)and get back my husband?i want to live with my husband..

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