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Stop someone doing evil against you....

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My problem is that there is this one guy who is continuously bothering me and my fiancee.He is spreading bad things and baseless rumors about her.I have numerous times explained him not to do this and that too very calmly and coolly but he never understands and continues to do so everytime again.He is angered by the fact that that girl doesn't give attention to him despite all his efforts. Infact he was the one who had earlier diched her earlier in the name of love and she was driven to a point of nervous breakdown by this betrayal.What pains me is that she is a very nice girl and this guy did such bad thing to her....since that day on she never trusts anyone and the scars still remain....this really saddens me a lot.i love her and cant see her in such a state.


He has made my as well as my fiances life miserable by constantly poking his nose in our affairs and spreading baseless things about her past.Recently i spoke to him about this things and he threatened to beat me up and i being a peacefull guy just kept my calm and walked away.but i am not a coward i too can deal with him that way.


I know he is never gonna stop this way so i want some remedy to settle the scores once and for all.


Now its really high time that i take some action against him.Is there

any way that i can disable him or make him not do such things ? i did

a research and found stambhan mantra and also found some info on

bagalmukhi mantra...but being a newbie i don't know what to do or

recite ??


I don't mean any harm to him and i have no bad intentions,i just want

to get him out of our life and out of this city.infact i

would be happy if he got a good job elsewhere and lived his life in

peace and not disturb me.


Please help me overcome this situation....


PS: I am just doing this in self defense of me and my loved ones,which

i think i have a right to do....

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You're asking for a magical resolution. Do not act using any of mantra before you prove you are a man. Stop searching solution in mantra because despite your good intention you will attract more bad karma on you. Be a man and prove he is a liar. If necessary use the same way on him: speak with others about his small dick, his dumb head and so and so... The true: he is not your friend. Stop giving him attention and focus on your love relation. I am sure this way will made him stop sooner than you expect. :) Now, give away my previous jokes. It seems you're at an earlier age. As young, we made mistakes. Be sure the girl is really involved with you. Because if your relation is strong, nothing can stop it to evolve. Are you really in love with her, or you don't really interact with her? If you have a love affair, a sexual relation I can not figure how a little "preach" like other guy can obstruct you. The idea he will go far away from the town, and so, are childish and puerile things. So go deeper in you relation, be mature and act like a man. I can give you the mantra to harm this guy, but, really, this is not the solution. Resolve the social conflict before attending any practice. The fight is not a solution. Maybe the "words" spreading around will return to him and put him in a bad light. Maybe the use of force is not a solution, but sometimes you need "stronger" friends around you.

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I totally agree with you but tell me something....what would you do when someone is badly trying to spread rumors about you and no matter how much you ask him to stop but he doesn't stop.Even the people who are strangers to you give you bad looks....i cant go and tell the truth to everyone on the street.I am trying my best to get ahead in my career,evolve my relationship and not bother about these things but sometimes just out of the blue these things keep cropping up and completely destroy my concentration.


I am matured enough but at the same time i am not a coward.I could very well beat him up and i know secrets that can destroy his married life completely but to me that would be childish also if i spread rumors about him....how small his dick is,his impotency and blah blah blah then what would be the difference between me and him ??


i will tell you something....the girl was earlier involved with that guy not for long just about 2-3 months max.That was her first affair and this guy was double ahh sorry triple timing her and suddenly one fine day he left her and married someone else.She was completely devastated by this and was on a verge of a nervous breakdown.


A year later or so this guy and his wife had a big fight and she left him and that time this guy called my gf and apologized to her and said that he would divorce his wife.He made some moves to subdue her and when she blankly rejected his moves he got angry and from that day he is filled with vengance and anger against her and that continues to mee to ( as now we both are together ).Basically he took the rejection as an insult and threatened her that i will spoil your name in front of everybody.


We in india have a very conservative society and what people think of a girls character is a huge thing,once its dented everybody looks at her with shame and this is exactly where he is hitting with his false stories.He is trying to put her reputation down and thats what is bothering me.He is even giving out her phone numbers to people so that they can harass her.So in this case what should i do ? steal his phone and erase her number ?? She has changed her number many times just because of this and everytime he manages to get her number and spread it.


I am no expert on philosophy but i told what is logically correct.


I hope you understand what i am trying to say and help me out with it.



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Now,as you give more details, the problem looks a serious one. Anyway, how this guy knows your fiance new numbers? This is one problem. They had common friends, maybe? Or how. I don't know how is life in India, the true is you're far away from western point of views and I will not give you advices in a social system I am not involved by direct experience. But you must separate your life and suppress any contact with this guy, you and your girlfriend too. If you both ignore him, he will stop. If you give attention to a bad people, you just nourish his bad intentions. It is clear for me the fact this guy is a trash. Throw the trash out from your life. Treat him like the last man on the earth, don't pay attention. I don't know how a girl past has influence in daily life in India. Peoples talking always bad things about others. If you really want to stop those things, and you want to practice mantra yoga for this purpose, here's the link to Bagalamukhi Yantra and Mantra sadhana. But keep in mind, you do this thing to stop for a while others actions, but if there is a social problem, it will never end till you act in this social world. I could tell you: Take this girlfriend as wife. But I don't know and I don't want to enter in others life. Keep in mind you practice in secret (don't talk with anyone, I mean even with your girlfriend) about your meditation. And keep in mind you must practice this with the will of being protected and not harming others. Here is the link


If you have any question, leave a private message and I will answer if I can help you. Use the second yantra given, if you want a bigger image to print out I will provide you a link.

A few words for practice. No one must see the yantra you use. So keep it private. The first step in practice is to calm down your mind, at a level when words said by this guy and even your fiance will stop coming in mind (yes they will come because are impressions or samskaras). The second stage is to avoid calling in mind this guy and your fiance images. So at a level of practice, you will feel complete out of any relation. Then after those are done, you can visualize other images. But those things I will tell you in private. For other peoples reading this post, keep your comments for you and don't bother to propose money exchange for offering a solution. No need for extra "guru" here or "money affair". Because I believe the scope of any practice is union with God. He not asks for money. So the spiritual practice must be free of "world" affairs.

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Hello again joesparky. I received you e-mail and yes you can write me on that address. I will answer there. I was quite busy this week.

Dear Arasad,


I read joesparky's problem and looked like he wrote about my problem not his. One of my former friends is doing the same to me. She has also used Black Magic on me and has maligned my name in public. I am tolerating this, keeping mum, from the past 2 years. I am just doing ' karma; and staying calm, but lately I have lost patience. She has overtaken my social life and looks like I am a coward if I am not doing anything in return. I just want her black magic go back to her and stop her from doing further harm. Please advise.

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