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My Son

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My Son : Prabhjeet Singh

Dob : 16th May 1995

Time : 06.30 Am

Place : Delhi



He Is 13+ Now. Of Late I Have Noted A Change In Him. His Sincerity Is Decreasing. I Am Upset About Him As His Behaviour Is Chagning In School. He Is Not Attentive. Last Year He Was A Very Good Student (80-90% Marks). This Session He Failed In 3 Subjects. He Signed His Report Card Himself And Deposited In School Which We Came To Know Of Later. We Were In The Meantime Repeatedly Asking Him For His Report Card. This Is Happending Inspite Of Our Full Involvement In His Studies And In General. But Some How I Am Scared He Is Going Off The Route. This Is Not Just Because Of A Growing Up Phase.


Please Help Me.





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Overall, things are likely to remain tensed and troublesome in educational matters till 2013; though thereafter, he may be having good support of planets for establishing his professional life.

Following remedial measures can be tried for suitable relief:


Wear Emerald (weight 5 carats around) in necklace. If possible, avoid wearing any other gem.


His mother may donate raw milk to poor children (at least 10 persons) on every Amavasya.


Do not pressurize him for getting good marks and try to help him in taking failure on a positive note. It is during the standard between 8th class to 12th class that a child must be nurtured keenly.

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Dear sir,


Thank you so much for your valued advice. I will definitely take care of this. I will do as bid by you.


Can you specify emerland to be worn in gold and gold chain or silver. Is gold or silver chain an absolute necessity (he being in school may not be allowed). Can it be worn in a thread. If so the color of the thread please. What day and time is proper for him to wear it. Can we remove it periodically and what would be the effect of this action.

Normally after wearing it after how many days it will start showing its effect.


Is this inconsistancy only in educational matter till 2013 or in personal and ethical life as well and will it effect his relations with parents also. What is a good and prosperous time in his life.


As for pressurizing him for getting good marks, he is in 7th standard now. So till 2013 means upto his 12th Standard he will not fare well in education.

These are the years of his life which will lay the foundation of his furture.

we have to press him for good work and good marks and a clean and ethical life from now till the period of his studies ends. Still we are guiding him to try to be on right path.


Please allow me to add that he is a very very smart student, is clever,has good memory and presence of mind also. What is going astray is now his consistancy, sincerity and goal orientation. Is it due to bad planets? Can u please explain his planets also please.



Thanking you,


Awaiting your reply,





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