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what's my ishta devata?

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Can anyone tell me what my ishta devata is based on my horoscope?


11 January 1977

time: 13:20 (in gmt this is 12:20)

place: Leuven (04E42'00 - 50N53'00)

Country: Belgium

gender: male


om shanti



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Hello Agama


Jupiter is your atma karaka. Jupiter is placed in sagitarius in Navamsa. Ishta devata is seen from 12 th to the atma karaka in Navamsa. Rahu is placed in scorpio, 12 th to Atma karaka. Hence Sri Durga is the devata who will lead your soul towards moksha, if propitated with devotion.

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thank you for the quick response:)


I have tried this! But after 20 days my ears began producing a very loud and sharp ringing noise, especially the left one. So i had to stop this. :( Too bad because mentally it improved my situation.


I read that tinnitus is a disturbance of prana vayu. I guess my Ojas isn't strong enough to work in a balanced way with the Durga energy.

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Dear Agama,


Astroseeker's advise is the right advise. The planet situated the twelth from admakaraka amsa indicates the god that liberates the soul. (twelth house is the house of liberation) . If you are getting problem by worshipping Durga, who is in fact the goddess destined to give mukti, it means the asuric tentencies with in you are fighting with the devine in you and not letting you win mukti. Both god and asuras are in us and when we take up the right sadana which is effective, we will be troubled by the evil tendences with in us. It is only natural beause the lower nature cannot survive if the higher narture takes over and they fight it out touth and nail.


The deva -asura warefare described in puranas are not of any war in the real outside world with actual asuras living outside us. It is all symbolic of the battle within us. The godess warring with asura is not to be interpreted as any real hystoric events which took place once. It describes the soul's battle with the material lower nature, towers its liberation.


What I am saying is no strange interpration of mine. It is explicitly stated in the practical worship manuals of Goddess. Asuras and enemies are interpreted as our own lower nature. Kama, kroda, loba, moha, mada and macharya are the true enemies. Anava mala, Karma mala, Maya mala are the true asuras. The war is between these and our pure wise staintless eternal free soul which is the Goddess. I am an initiate to goddess worship and I know this from my personal experience too.


If you want to remain bound at the material level then it is allright not to worship the goddess. But if you are seeking spiritual progress then you need to worship goddess who is your liberater . There is no other way. If it is tough - and it will be tough as it is a war, bewtween your lower nature and higher nature - then you need to fight it out with determination. You cannot give up and surrender to the asuras. You have to just stay put no matter what. If you are determined like that Goddess will soon destroy all that evil forces that trouble and prevent you.


Of course the choice and decision is yours. I just wanted to share my experience with you .




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Thank you for your view.:)


I don't disagree with the advice of astroseeker.


Mentally everything improved so i didn't quit because there was too much inner struggle.

But physically it didn't feel healthy anymore. Too much heat and ringing of the ears. From an ayurvedic point of view it's not healthy to increase your tejas too much when your ojas isn't strong enough. So i have to work on that first i guess. But that's another topic:)

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Guest Guest


hi astroseeker i wouldd like to know my istha devata too.i born on 3-3-78,8:45am kuala lumpur,Malaysia.tq


Good day


i gone through ur horoscope ....


lagna is aflected by kethu a nodel planet ...


fithh lord in vrischicka and twelth house is with venus/mercury/and sun.


first u have to worship ur mother dear ........


kethu in lagna is mathru shapa...


secondley u have to worship sri lakshmi naranaya u have a beutiful lakshminaraya temple in ur area


chant om namo narayana ........... for minimum 108 beeds daily and see the change...


for further details

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Guest upendra joshi

hello sir

my dob is 28/05/1995

time is 08:39pm


who is my ishta devta and my mukhya graha and can i become a genius and scientist

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