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Improving Life

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Hello All,


I want to know from all the people who have studied and practiced astrology, as to whether the knowledge can be used to improve ones life. According to the forum posts the answer to the above question is simple 'Yes'. However my question is little bit more complicated. Let me explain.


Suppose a person is not satisfied with that way their life is, can they use the knowledge of astrology to create the life that they desires. I am not talking about simple problem-remedy situation. I am talking about creation of a concrete plan after analysing the birth chart.


The reason I am asking this is because people have told me that whatever happens in my life happens according my birth chart. So my birth chat is the cause and my life is its reaction. I have also been told that by performing remedies the person can improve their life. So this means that performing remedies affects the cause(bith chart) and thereby changing the reaction(life).


Is my understanding correct? If a person undertakes a detailed study of their chart to find out what is that which is stopping them from leading the life they desire and do the appropriate remedies, will they be able to achieve what they are looking for? What does your experience say?

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