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Need Tantrics, Aghories, For LOKHA KALYANA

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Jai Gurudev


Hello Friends, As ALl OF yOU Know That, Krishna Said On BagavadGeetha..

I Will Born On Earth To Destroy When Maximum Crimes Happens


Every Where God Cant Be There, So He Gifted Us A Mother,..

As The Same Way We Cant Expect God To Come And Stop Crime Happening EveryWhere Around Us!,..

So We Need To Protest Ourself,..

So I Have Some Plans For LOKHA KALYANA.......

My Plans Are Not About Killing Criminals,....

Its Completely Different,..

I Have SOme Excellent IDeas,. To Improve This World Or Country,...

For That I Need Some Advanced Powerfull Tantric's And Aghories with Special Powers

Here I Am Giving Example, That How Much Powerfull They Should Be,...

For Example,...

They Should Be Able TO Answer Perfectly For My Questions,..

Like What IS MY Exam Marks In MY Exam,..

(They Should Be Able To Tell Accurate No..)

And I Ask What Is The Date Of Birth Of My Friends Friend (Naven)

He SHould Be Able To Say Clerarly,..

If They Can Answer Like These Small Questions... Its Enough To ME!....


Anybody Know Any Person? Or Are You Have Power To Answer My Questions,.. Just Contact Me,. ,,

And Dont Worry I Gave Unlimited Money As MUch They Need

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Dear Serchingeye,

I dont know of any genune siddha having this power you are requiring as a test. But I know of a sadana, By my book knowlewdge that exactly does this. This is called Karna Yakshni Sadana. also some time refered to as Sravana Pichachini sadana. A little mythology will set the back ground of this sadana.

The lord of death Yama, who is also is the Judge of the souls after the death, Was initially not able to perform his duty of judging the souls good deeds and bad deeds properly, as souls could easily hide and lie to yama in his enquiry. As a result he was going wrong in his judgements. So he went to Bhrama for help. Brama, after listening to his problem specially created twelve beings called Sravanas, with special powers to know everything such that no souls could hide or lie to them. They would know everything to the minutest details , including what the creatures think in their mind. Nothing could be conceled from them. Then they were aasiged to the post of jury for yema.


Sravana pichsacinis or karna yakshnis belong to the heridity of these original 12 sravanas and would know everything of every body. It is said that there are some people who have attained siddhi of these deities and with out the aid of horoscope, or palm reading or any such external aid will tell people's details accurately. It is said that they can tell your name, date of birth, and other private details. They can tell you how much money you have in your pocket and what are the numbers of the currency. They can tell you what are you thinking in your mind. They can answer any question.


I have not seen them personally . But I know the sadana of Karna yakshni which is supposed to give this power. There are two three versons of the sadana. In one verson, you should lock up yourself in a single room ( with out toilet and batroom) with all provision for your food for about 40 days . (You can use a stove to cook your food). You have to do everything in that room with out comming out for the entire period of sadana. You cook your food there , you deficate in the same room . Do not wash your mouth after eating. Do not whash your anus hands after deficating. Never take bath. In fact you should remain dirty and chant the mantra of the pichachini. You are even required to drink your urine and eat your defication, rub it all over your body, as part of your sadana. If you do this for around 40 days and chant the mantra the pichachini will appear physically at the end of this period and demand intercourse. Having completed that, She will always be with you , invisible and wisper in your ears secrets of all people. Any information you ask will be wispered in your ears.


By this siddhi, you can know the crimes of tomarrow of of any future date, You will know them when it is being planned in the mind. You can know the exact details of it - Who and where and how it is being commited etc. Karna pichachini sadana will make you like omnicient.You will simply know every thing.


You can get the details of this sadana in internet Just put karna yakshni and search. Otherwise you can find it in Sudhir kakar's book on Shamans Mystics and Doctors . The entire procedure and the mantra you will find there, given by a man who got siddhi on this sadana.

Amazon.com search for this auther will give the details of this book. It is a famous book and you can easily get in in any good big book shop.




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Dear Passionate freak,


I do agree with you and I will not do such thing myself.

I am pure right hand guy you see.


But however Knowing is no harm There are such methods in the lefthand path. One need not practice them but one should know them.


And those who want to do them I will hardly judge as there are Satvic Rajasic and Thamasic souls and each one have their own typical worship.



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Dear Serchingeye,


Pure kundalini yoga is the otherr way. There are yogaiddhis will will give you any power you seek. Of course You may not get any siddhi by mear kundalini awakening. You need to specially work for that. Samyama is the technique. If you do samyama on the three times- past, present, future - you will get trikal jnan. If you do samyama on a person's mind you will know all about the contents of that mind. If you do samyama on a creatures nady system you can enter that creatures body and control that creature, etc.


It is a tedious long way . But it is worth the effort. Besides it is neat and clean.




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