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Is it wrong to use Vegetable Oil to light deyas?

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to think this is a very good question however i think this depends on the person perception of how to perform ritual. we as humans tend to discriminate ( i dont mean you) for what might be unusual but the point of him doing this is to probably continue a devotion. god knows a mans pocket and will accept the light but what of those who has enough money and still dont light a light but yet might discriminate the fellow for doing this. this i think is wrong!!!!!! but i think once the oil is not made with any type of animal fat included and the bottle is a new one and only for that purpose this could be accepted. Even some of the toiletries we use contain animal products but again ones perception. i personally dont think its wrong its just a means to fulfill ones desires without asking for alms to come to god. i can remember a story of a shiva bhakt who use to offer meat to the lingam and carry the water for tarpan in his mouth but yet he still attained Lord Shiva blessing. Just my input.

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