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help plz

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respected learned ones,

in another thread i had written about a lady relative having this dosha.

her details are

date of birth 26/08/1968, time 4.55 AM, place Kanpur.

she migrated to chennai as a baby and completed post graduation and is a teacher now.

she has no perfect job(no monetary and mental satisfaction), she could not get married, she ahs one elder sister (married) parents are alive but dependent on her. it ahs always been slip between the cup and the lip always for job. she is now not inclined to marry (dejection)?

can you please help and provide some solution.


umbaba (i am posting again as ididnt get much response )

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she is religious and caring towards all the people irrespective of religion etc.,

probably one among the handful of people left with human values. it pains to see her sufferings because she takes as if it is her fate?! i have never seen her talk back to her parents or any body including children.

kindly help



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Well, i posed this question only to know if she hails from a background where it is easy to think of marriage at 40.


Most average indian families take it as "something which has to be done"


Remedies would differ - in my opinion remedy should include lot of self confidence and financial stability (i havent seen the chart)


Or do you think remedy should include increasing marriage possibility?


Best wishes


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Dear umbaba,


Let her not be critical of circumstances and destiny. She is a perfectionist and a good home maker.


Firstly, with her age factor, kal sarp dosh is nullified.


The time is ripe for her to get married but certain strong remedies are required.


1. Ask her to read sankatmochan hanumanashtak every evening without fail.


2. Make her wear an iron ring cast out of the horseshoe of a black horse in her middle finger on saturday.


3. Also make her wear Pukhraj, minimum 7.25 ratti, in the right hand index finger on Thursday


4. Make sure she goes in for regular exercise - her chart indicates feeling of well-being through varjish


I am very sure these remedies will help.


Best wishes


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