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Dear Deepa....

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Dear Deepa,


I have been reading your posts and I would really appreciate it if you would look at my chart. :) The entire year of 2007 was apsolutely hell for me. While I did divorce in September of 2006 (this was a mutal agreement and brought me great relief) we decided to sell all of our assets to split evenly. My ex-husband and I had a business together for over 12 years that we sold in December of 2006. The person that bought it did not pay us all of the money owed to us we took her to court. This costs us thousands of dollars and as a result of the events that followed, I lost my home and most of the things that mattered to me. While she did finally pay us most of what she owed to us just March of this year, the damage had already been done. Needless to say, I was deeply depressed over this. :crying2: Things are much better now as I feel at least that is issue is finally behind me. I know, see and feel that I am in a "do over" stage in my life and I am very optimistic about the future. :idea:


My birth details are:


DOB: August 27, 1969

Time: 5:36 am, DST (I think Kentucky observed DST at that time)

Location: Carrollton, Kentucky, USA

Latitude: 38N40'51

Longitude: 85W10'46


U. Sanjeeva Rao was kind enough to look at my chart a couple of months ago and he has my ascendant as Leo, which does seem to fit in with most of the events in my life.


I have started another business and it's about ready to go and I would like to know your thoughts on if it will succeed? Also if you could tell me what your think about my Rahu-Moon combination and Ketu-Sun combination? There was a partial eclipse when I was born. I've heard everything from it's a sign of psychic abilities or one is just a lunatic. LoL What are your thoughts? Do you see any karmic issues I may need to work out in this life as well? I just broke up with my boyfriend and we had been dating for a year so I'm sure I have definately have relationship issues. Anything you would care to share would be greatly appreciated. :)





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Dear Christal,


What is your social/religious/cultural background? I really wish people could seek astro-guidance while considering major issues in life such as marriage, court cases, dealing with critical illness and taking huge amounts of loans etc. Even if they doubt the subject, there is no harm in doing remedies.


I am glad at least you are on the right track now, after having gone through so much already.


I see a russian signature there, so would like to suggest potent remedies once you confirm what I asked.


All the best!


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Dear Deepa,


Thank you for replying. I came from a very rural lower middle class family and my parents divorced when I was still a baby. I have a good relationship with my mom but had a terrible one with my dad. He passed away in July, 2004 but my mom is still here. I have one half sister from my father but she is younger than me and no brothers that I'm aware of. I married on Oct, 1990 and we divorced September of 2006. I have one daughter and she was born in 1991. The business that we built together was very profitable and it allowed us to actually support some of our extended family members. So business life was good but definately not family life. It is never easy to work with your spouse or other family members. I have travelled quite a bit out of the country and would like to do so in the future.


I hope this answers your questions... please let me know if you need any additional information.


USR had suggested some rememdies that I have followed and since I am feeling better, I would say they do indeed work. :)


Thank you Deepa!


As far as my religious background, I guess you could say I'm gnostic in thought with strong eastern beliefs. I'm very open to all beliefs.


I am a mix of european & native american lineage but not Russian. That was just the font that I was using and I think it's Greek but I could be wrong.

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Thanks Deepa here it is...



Dear Imperatrixmundi,

I find that Saturn in 9th house from ascendent is retrograde and debilitated caused the problems in its Sani Mahadasa and Venus Subdasa started on 14thMarch-2005 and ends by 13th May 2008. Saturn is the lord of 6th and 7th (Husband) house. Venus is in 12th house to Lagna. It is 8-6 relation to Moon the lord of the 12th house.Venus is in the constellation of Saturn. Loss of father and breaking in of marital relationship happened during this period. As it is ,your horoscope promises good earning, good children and good health. The prospect of second marriage is during Saturn Mahadasa and Moon subdasa starting from 26th April 2009 to 25th Nov 2010. But as Saturn is highly malefic ,the running period is Saturn Mahadas ,you have to pray Lord Saturn regularly (I don't know how you do ,as you belong to diffent religious belief) or gift food items , cloths ,money to sick, old ,poor and needy people on every Saturday ,as much as you can, to get benefic results.



Yes. Your ascendent is Leo.Your birth star is Satabhisha 2nd pada(step).Venus is in Pushyami 1st pada. Least think of Blue saphire. You don't require any Gemstone. If you still feel like to have one, wear a diamond. Follow the advice wrt remedies.

Good Luck.


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