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plz plz help me

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Can anyone plz tell when my marriage will take place and also plz tell me whether it would be an arranged marriage or love marriage...


my birth details...

25.08.82, 4.35am, Saharanpur(UP) India


I know there should be a connection between 5th house and 7th house... in my chart there is no direct link but, my 5th house lord is aspecting 7th house and 7th house lord is aspecting 5th house... also venus(planet of love) is in first house aspecting the 7th house... would it help...??


PLz help me i m really worried...

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You have a good chart!


Current perd of Saturn-Moon should definitely see you get married. But Saturn-Moon are in 2-12 relationship and also you have recently started with saadesati. So mental tension is expected. But dont worry!


Also Jupiter is in the sign of Venus and debilitates in Navamsa Lagna. In Saptamsa, its placed in 8th.


Keep fast on Thursdays and donate yellow channa dal in a temple. "OM GURUVEY NAMAH" is your daily mantra.


Worship Gauri Mata for a good and stable married life.


I think you are already quite religious, I have a feeling you are blessed. Pray for peace of mind.


Venus is in own house in Saptamsa, I am sure you will have a love marriage


best wishes!


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Hello Deepa


Thanx for your help... I m so grateful to you..

You are absolutely right, these days i m quite upset... I will definately follow your suggestions...


but can I plz ask one more thing... Since position of jupiter is not good in my chart.. does this mean i wont be having a loving husband..??

is there any chance of divorce or something like that..??

plz do reply... i wont disturb you much...



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