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Any help with these issues?

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Hi my name is Cody, Male, 21, 6' tall, 145 lbs (Highly Vata Constitution and Mentality) Small rigid muscles, with very little body fat.


I have allergies to (wheat, dairy, and sugar)


Wheat causes peristalis to slow, and even feels like it stops. Makes the face/cheeks feel hot, and causes pain in the stomach.

Dairy causes nasal congestion, and pain/burning upset stomach.

Sugar causes strange nasal mucus feel (in back of nasal passage - near mouth) and causes instant sore throat, and sometimes headaches.


Have Irregular bowel movements sometimes once every 3 days. Dry, scanty, and floating. sometimes light and loose and floating. Difficulty in passing stool.


Ravenous appetite, even a few hours after a large meal. Feel very irritated angry and light when havent had something to eat in 4-5 hours.


White coating on the back of the tongue, fat crooked line down the middle, small red dots around the outside. wide indentations at the sides. and noticeable tremor when tongue extended.


Nails have lines running up and down, and have white spots on the middle fingers. fingers are dry thin and rough like an old man.


Face is red in color, with open pores and white sebum coming out the pores (especially at the sides of the nose). Skin is dry and oily at the same time. Face is especially oily.


Deviated septum with practically no mucus flow. Very dry nasal passages, and much congestion especially on the right side.


Chronic bad breath (especially when havent had something to eat). Even had mouth checked by dentist and oral hygene is good(with toungue scraping). Feels depressed because it interferes with happy social life. The bad breath is a big problem, many people roll down windows in cars, or look for fresh air.


Chronic and severe itching anus (especially at night and in the morning).

Anus is painfull when touched from over scratching. Have been diagnosed with parasite - blastocystis Hominis (but was not treated because Doctor said it was very difficult to eliminate and may not cause problems)


Varicocele in the left testicle with occasional pain (especially day after emission) pain can move into the inner left thigh. Weakness, cold feet, unhappiness and guiltiness and disappointment in oneself is felt after emission (thus ejaculation is only done once in a while about 7 days apart). Yet thoughts about sex are strong and irritating, and makes me feel rushed, or in a hurry.


Mentality is fearful, anxious, and nervous. Sometimes nervousness at the slightest undertaking. Also impatient and striving for goals. Havent been in long term relationship because of fear or finding lack of perfection in the opposite person. When perfection is found then complete fear and nervousness takes over, and has alot of difficulty initating, or afraid of something going wrong (like not finding something to say). Not comfortable or confident with thin body. And afraid of premature ejaculation even though copulation has not occured.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Vasant Lad's textbooks on ayurveda, they are really cool, but there is not yet a treatment book released. It seems as though my stomach problem is quite complex, and there are many things going on.


Ive been taking triphala, ashwaganda, and shatvari. Ashwagandha definatly helps with the anxiety, and triphala has slightly been helping with my stomach to feel better. Ive been taking the Shatvari to help gain weight, and to cool and balanced the ashwagandha. I have ordered Vidanga, dashamalu, bramhi, and haritaki.


Although I dont really know exactly how to treat every issue, I figured this would help a little bit. What do you think? Or what would you suggest instead?


I was planning on taking the vidanga with haritaki in pill form for 1 week. Then using dashamalu basti 2 day, then 3 days using sesame oil basti, then taking ashwagandha, shatvari, bramhi, and trihpala for some while.


If I should not do this then let me know.


One simple question too, whats the different effect of taking a churna instead of bati (pill?)



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Hello there friend.


I had some problems with my digestive system, stomack and intestines. I seek help with an ayurvedic doctor, and I think you should do the same. Even if you have some knowledge with the books (like me, I read a lot about ayurveda) your not an specialist on the area.

With the doctor I really discovered what was my problem, and now that I´m treating it I´m much better, something like 90% better.


bye... namaste!

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