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India among top 20 exporters of creative goods

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Wonder what kind of "creative goods" make it into that ranking?


India among top 20 exporters of creative goods

5 Jun, 2008, 2055 hrs IST, <artag>PTI



</artag> HYDERABAD: India, China,Turkey, Thailand and Mexico are among the top 20 exporters worldwide of creative goods. With exports of creative goods reaching $ 8.1 billion in 2005, India has improved its ranking from being 16th in 1996 to 11th in 2005.


While India's market share of 2.4 per cent may not appear impressive compared to the 18.3 per cent share of China.

India has recorded the highest growth rate among the top 20 exporting countries during 2000-2005, Lakshmi Puri, Acting Deputy Secretary General and Director, Division of Trade in Goods, Services and Commodities, UNCTAD said here.


Speaking at the Regional Conference on "IPR Protection through Geographical Indications Act", Lakshmi Puri said IPR protection through Geographical Indication Registration is an issue which is extremely important for a developing country like India.


She stated that in the contemporary world, a new development paradigm is emerging that links the economy and culture, embracing economic, cultural, technological and social aspects of development at both the macro and micro levels.


Central to the new paradigm is the fact that creativity, knowledge and access to information are increasingly recognised as powerful engines driving economic growth and promoting development in a globalising world, Puri added.

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