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Are Vaikuntha Planets Hollow?

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I dont know what rhetorical means...sorry:crazy:


It was a key for you to think about, to find an answer to the question within yourself.


Pure spiritual consciousness form is what constitutes Krsna ...that same substance/potency exists in all manifestation in that realm of vaikuntha....the trees, the birds, the dirt, the air, the water....and so on...



If we meditate deeply on the nature of 'consciousness' which is a symptom, tangible to realize in this world, of spirit - then maybe oneday we may be granted a glimpse to the answer of your question.


I looked up rhetorical in the dictionary the other day, and still don't know what it means. I used to think it means a question that does not require an answer.


From Bhaktivinoda Vani Vaibhava


7.What is the function of the sandhini aspect of the Lord's spiritual potency?

sa saktihs sandhin bhutva sattajatam vitanyate pitha-satta svarupa sa vaikuntha-rupini sati

krsnadyakhyabhidha-satta rupa-satta kalevaram radhadya-sangini-satta sarva-satta tu sandhini

sandhini-sakti-sambhutah sambandha vividha matah sarvadhara svarupeyam sarvakara sad amsaka

The superior energy of the Absolute Truth is realized in three aspects—sandhinl, samvit, and hladinl. The first manifestation of the Absolute Truth is sat (sandhinl), cit (samvit), and ananda (hladinl). "In the beginning there was only the Supreme Brahman, and then, after manifesting His energies, He became known as sac-cid-dnanda"; this kind of misconception arises due to consideration of material time and should not be applied to the Absolute Truth. Swanlike people understand that the sac-cid-dnanda form of the Lord is beginningless, endless, and eternal. The sandhinl energy manifests the existence of the eternal abode, name, form, associates, relationships, features, and foundation of the Absolute Truth. The superior energy of the Lord has three potencies: cit or spiritual, jlva or marginal, and acit or material. The spiritual potency, cit, is His internal potency. The marginal and material potencies are separated. These potencies are considered according to the proportion of the energy manifest. Vaikuntha is the abode of spiritual potency of the sandhinl aspect of the superior energy. The names of Krsna manifest from the abhidhd-sattd, the body of Krsna manifests from the rupa-satta, and the lovers of Krsna like Radha manifest from a mixture of the rupa-satta and sahgini-sattd. All kinds of relationships manifest from the sandhinl aspect. The sandhinl aspect of the Lord is the source of all spiritual manifestations and features.

(Sri Krsna-sarhhitd Chapter 2)

8. What is the function of the samvit aspect of the Lord's spiritual potency?

samvid bhuta p ara saktir jnana-vijnana rupini sandhini-nirmite sattve bhava-samyojini sati

bhavabhave ca sattayam na kincid apy laksyate tasmat tu sarva-bhavanam samvid eva prakasini

sandhini-krta-sattvesu sambandha-bhava-yojika samvid-rupa maha-devi karyakarya vidhayini

visesabhavatah samvid brahma-jnanam prakasayet visesa-samyuta sa tu bhagavad bhakti-dayini

The samvit aspect of the superior energy consists of knowledge (jhdna) and its practical application (vijhana). When samvit interacts with the manifestations of the sandhini aspect, emotions appear. Without the presence of emotions, existence would be unknown. Therefore all truths are illuminated by samvit. The samvit aspect of the spiritual potency creates all the emotions of Vaikuntha. All relationships in Vaikuntha have been established by Sarhvit-devi, who is the director of action and inaction. The different rasas, such as santa and ddsya, and the respective activities in those rasas have been established by samvit. If one does not accept the quality of variegatedness, then Samvit-devi manifests the impersonal feature of the Absolute Truth. The living entity then takes shelter of the impersonal knowledge of Brahman. Therefore, impersonal knowledge of Brahman is only the impersonal consideration of Vaikuntha. For one who accepts the quality of variegatedness, Samvit-devi manifests the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The living entity then accepts the devotional service of the Lord.(Sri Krsna-samhita Chapter 2)

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I used to think it means a question that does not require an answer.


That's one of the meanings of the word 'rhetorical'. Anyway, why couldn't Vaikuntha planets be hollow? Isn't the material world said to be a REFLECTION (albeit perverted) of the spiritual world? So if planets are hollow in the material world, don't you think that planets in the spiritual world would likewise be hollow? Remember the Hermetic law: 'As is above, so is below; as is below, so is above'. If Vaikuntha planets are hollow, I think this would be an EXCELLENT display of the supremely intelligent design of Krsna, because there could be jivas living on BOTH the inner AND outer surfaces of a Vaikuntha planet. :D

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Yeah true, why cant they be hollow? All things are possible.




"If they are hollow will there be subterfuge reptillians living inside the planet planning a take over of government....by mind power:cool:"


*lordie its late at night again and my imagination is running wild

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Yeah true, why cant they be hollow? All things are possible.


All things are indeed possible. Therefore, hollow Vaikuntha planets are also possible. A hollow planet has two surfaces to live on as opposed to just one, thus living space is maximised. Now that's what I call 'intelligent design'! :deal:

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There is life everywhere in this mundane material creation but in Vaikuntha EVERYTHING is life.

Each Vaikuntha planet exhibits eternal pastimes of Vishnu with his devotees that ARE simultaneously happening deep within the planet to its core, where Vishnu and Luxshmi also reside on their divinethrone.


In this way they are internally and externally on and above the planet where they also reside as described in the Brahma Samhita.


Goloka Vrndavana or Krsnaloka is way beyond these eternal Vaikuntha worlds. Each Vaikuntha planet is also bigger than Maha-Vishnu’s material mahat-tattva creation.


Srila Prabhupada - "Another significance is nityah sarva-gatah. Sarva-gatah means all-pervading, everywhere the soul is there.


Even within the stone, even within the sands, there are. So how these people can say there is no existence of living entity in the moon planet?




We have seen sometimes that from the stone, I have marked it. There is one juma mastika(?) in Agra. On the top of the stone dome a plant has come out, on the top.


Now who has gone to place that seed that a banyan tree, banyan plant has come out and it has cracked the stone? So nobody has gone there, but this means the soul is everywhere.


As soon as it gets the opportunity, it accepts a material body immediately. As soon as there is opportunity. That is explained in the Seventh Chapter very nicely."730827BG.LON Bhagavad-gita 2.23-24 London, August 27, 1973



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Perhaps we can think of planet also as plane. Each one being unlimited in and of itself. We are making a mistake if we try to impose our limited

'time and space' thinking onto Vaikuntha. The next question might well be "how big is each planet", which implies the possiblity of over population due to spatial limitations.


What is limited is our ability to accurately conceive of the nature of the Absolute world.


It is good to think of these things, and wonder about the nature of the Spiritual Sky. The Lord in the Heart hears such questioning and will provide the answers in the form of realizations in due course.


As long as we don't try to form conslusions based on our speculations alone. This is the difference between philosophical speculation and mental speculation. The former leads to knowledge and the latter blocks us from it.

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I remember once reading somewhere that even all of the atoms in Vaikuntha are alive, personal and rendering loving devotional service to Krsna. I thought that was very beautiful.



Actually atoms everywhere are the same ... all atoms everywhere render loving devotional service to Krsna all the time... the problem only comes when it comes to humans... humans even the most religious ones (on introspection) realise that no matter how hard they try... the mortal world distracts them... and in spite of all their efforts they can manage a mere few hours of true loving devotional service to Krsna. and the irreligious ones... let us not talk of that :uzi::namaskar:

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In Prabhupada's purport to Text 6 from Canto 4, Chapter 20, of the Bhagavat Purana, Prabhupada mentions: “In modern scientific society, the idea is very prevalent that there is no life on other planets but that only on this Earth do living entities with intelligence and scientific knowledge exist. The Vedic literatures, however, do not accept this foolish theory... The Vedas give information that in all planets... there are varieties of living entities... We have information from the Vedic literature that in each and every planet, both material and spiritual, there are living entities of varied intelligence.”

Notice how Prabhupada mentions 'in all planets' and 'in each and every planet'. Most people would probably be inclined to say something like 'on each planet', NOT 'in each planet'. But perhaps every planet, moon and star in this material world is hollow and contains life which naturally exists INSIDE it. Perhaps it's rare for planets, moons and stars to have life on both their inner AND outer surfaces and Earth might be a very rare exception in this regard! But then again, the Vedic literature informs us that this universe is multi-dimensional... Also, Book 3, Chapter 7 of Vishnu Purana confirms the omnipresence of Life with this AWESOME verse:


"This universe, composed of seven zones, with its seven subterrestrial regions, and seven spheres -this whole egg of Brahma- is everywhere swarming with living creatures, large or small, with smaller and smallest, and larger and largest; so that there is not the eighth part of an inch in which they do not abound."




[url=" princess-of-light.jpg"]princess-of-light.jpg

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