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Tulsi Plant Question

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(1) Shri Naama-mala-grahana-mantra





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(upon taking one's beads):


"His form bent in three places, His hands bent over the holes of His flute, the son of Nanda Maharaja Lord Krishna stands resplendent amidst a circle of gopis." The Verse is as follows:




sobhitam nanda-nandanam

(2) Shri Nama-mala-grahana-mantra (on taking the beads for the purpose of japa


avighnam kuru male tvam

harinama-japesu ca

shri radha-krishnayor dasyam

dehi male tu prarthaye

"O Mala, please destroy inauspiciousness in my chanting of the holy name of Lord Gaura-Hari and grant me the position of service to Nityananda-Gauranga and Radha-Krishna. This is all I pray, O Mala."

nama cintamani-rupam

namaiva parama gatih

namnah parataram nasti

tasman nama upasmahe

"The Holy Name is a beautiful transcendental touchstone--it is the supreme goal. There is nothing higher than the Holy Name. I therefore worship the Holy Name."

(3) Shri Nama-mala-samarpana-mantra (consecrating the mala); traditionally, Vaishnavas first offer Krishna everything they use, including their neck beads, japa beads, etc. I don't know that this is intended here though.

nama-yajno mahayajnah

kalau kalmasa-nasanam



"The sacrifice of the name is the highest yajna, which destroys the contamination of Kali-yuga. In order to please Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, I offer this sacrifice of the holy name."

(4) Shri Nama-mala-sthapana-mantra (establishing the beads):

patita-pavana nama

nistaraya naradhamam


chaitanyaya namo namah

"The holy name is the saviour of the fallen. Oh, please deliver

this lowest of men. Obeisances again and again unto Shri Gauranga

Mahaprabhu and unto Shri Shri Radha-Krishna."

tvam male sarva-devanam

sarva-siddhi-prada mata

tena satyena me siddhim

dehi matar namo 'stu te

"O Mala, among all of the gods, you are considered the bestower of all perfection. By dint of this fact, O Mother, please grant me perfection. Obeisances unto you!"

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Hi Justin,


I cant grow tulasi plant here either. On the altar I have some dried tulasi buds that a devotee gave me. It is prasadam from a temple that has touched Krsna's lotus feet. If you are fortunate to ever receive something like that it is nice. When I do a morning program here I bring that manjari bud out closer on the altar and worship her.


I sing the Tulasi Kirtan song, offer her incense, and in my mind imagine I am in the temple with devotees circumambulating tulasi devi and offering her water. The imaginative meditation can deepen to be in vrindavan in the mind, picturing tulasi devi, the vrindavan dust etc.


You can do this also with a picture in front of you when you do jaap.


Tulasi Worship Book - click here


Shri Tulasi Kirtana

namo namah tulasi krishna-preyasi

(vraje) radha-krishna-seva paba ei abhilashi (1)

O Tulasi, beloved of Krishna, I repeatedly offer pranama to you. My cherished desire

is to attain the seva of Shri Radha-Krishna Yugala-kishora.

je tomara sharana laya, tara vancha purna haya

kripa kari’ kara tare vrindavana-vasi (2)

All the desires of whoever takes shelter of you are fulfilled. Being so merciful, you

grant him residence in Vrindavana.

mora ei abhilasha, vilasa-kunje dio vasa

nayane heriba sada yugala-rupa-rashi (3)

I intensely desire that you please make me a resident of the pleasure groves (vilasakunja)

of Shri Vrindavana. Then I will be able to behold the beautiful pastimes of


ei nivedana dhara, sakhira anugata koro

seva-adhikara diya kara nija dasi (4)

I am presenting my heart-felt prayer that you make me a follower of the sakhis, thus

giving me the privilege of Radha-Krishna’s seva and making me your own maidservant.

dina krishna-dase kaya, ei jena mora haya

shri-radha-govinda-preme sada jena bhasi (5)

This fallen Krishnadasa begs to always bathe in the prema for Shri Radha and Govinda.

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