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Do black holes exist?

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Yes definately...when I forget Krsna and dance in maya...that's a big black hole of depression. Or big cosmic whirlpool. I love it how nature reflects the truth of a soul. The seasons come and go, so do the dualities of the conditioned soul (I am learning to tolerate just like summer turning to autumn, beautiful).


Nature is wonderful, all nature points to truth. Chinese cabbage, peel two leaves per day to put in your stirfry....by the end of the week you are cooking the sweet centre. Patience and happy service. Good meditation while preparing offerings. Not to mention blue sky's and dark clouds, and flowers that slowly open.:pray:


Sastric evidence Pankaja, I don't know mate.

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I found this little hypothesis somewhere on the net:


Meru Mountain is always considered to be the nucleus of the universe (as per science it is nothing but dense particles or a black hole that is in the centre of this universe and no physical object can possibly cross it)


It is quite possible, of course, that there is a Super Massive Black Hole at the center of the Universe, considering that each Galaxy has a Black Hole at its center. So, Meru Mountain may be a literal mountain emerging from a Black Hole at the center of the Universe, or the Black Hole may be the root, leading to the Mountain located beyond the Universe...who really knows?

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