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Universality and transcendance

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Like wise the by-product of sectarianism pollutes everything! How can we recycle that by-product? bija

One way would to at least become aware of how ideas, words, language, ritual, texts, dress etc. have formed over the length of time in various cultural areas and societies.

To become aware of how even teachers of transcendentalism use language, texts, dress, form, ritual, etc of a particular time and place to convey a message.

We can still use those developed cultural variants, even dress in dhotis if we want...but if we are aware at least of what we have adopted from our own culture or from other cultures...we may be a able to 'utilize these by-products' and transcend.

Oh and by the way cbrahma, I do not think using the word mudha is 'un-vaisnava'. But I do come from a society that does not see laborers or super market shelf packers as un-intelligent lower class citizens...but integral. And I am certain that Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktivinoda saw all people as integral sparks of the divine also.

Prabhupada: Public we don’t care. We… What is the public? We have got our own public here. So pub… What is the public? All rascals. They are killing cows and drinking and topless dance, bottomless dance. What is the value of this public? All rascals. I don’t give any importance to this class of public, only after sense gratification, that’s all. They have no ideals of life. They do not know what is God. What is the value of this public? Müòhas, they have been described, mudhas. You know the meaning of mudha?

Devotee: Ass.

Prabhupada: Ass. Mudho nabhijanati mam ebhyaù paramam mama. [From Bg. 7.25: “I am never manifest to the foolish and unintelligent. For them I am covered by My internal potency, and therefore they do not know that I am unborn and infallible.”]


BG As It Is 7.25 transliteration: mudhah - foolish


The relation of the word 'mudha and ass' is a very loose cultural interpretation. In that culture some workers are even called mudha...when we forget these cultural variants, of time and place and how they formed...we miss the point of the message...which then is not transcendent. cbrahma I know you know these things, I am just sharing my views for the benefit of readers who may find this thread in the future. I dislike sectarianism with a passion.

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