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please help!!

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Dear Members,

My husband and I are having severe marital problems. My marriage is in its last stages and I am trying desperatley to save it but nothing seems to be working. I have been so disturbed I don't know what to do. I love my husband but due to sooo many misunderstandings our relationship has gotten quite sour. Is there any hope for our marriage based on our charts? I will be so grateful for any help you can provide.

waiting for your reply


my info:

date: September 21, 1984

time: 12:34 pm

place: kapurthala, punjab, india


my husband:

date: August 5th, 1980

time: 11:15 am

place: ferozepur, punjab, india

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To me, the problem seems to be phonic i.e. it is based upon false ego and a lot of mis-understanding. The problem lies in the chart of your husband. If you allow him to command over-your self; the problem may get solved easily. It seems that he feels quite in-secure and might be having inferiority complex which instigate him to have command over you. Fortunately, I fail to see any big problem which may lead to painful divorce. The current antardasa of Venus in Rahu Mahadasa has just started in your husband's chart i.e. from 30 March 2008 and will remain effective till March 2011 and I hope this period is likely to be quite favorable for marital issues.

Now, in your chart, the presence of Exalted Rahu in 7th house is a little bit troublesome especially when you are running under antardasa of Saturn in the Mahadasa of Mercury (20 August 2007 to 26 April 2010). The period denotes duality of events. So, if you can arrange for re-marrying your husband; that will be an appropriate solution to the problem. Or you can email at rajshekhar.sharma@gmail.com for remedies.

Or you can just allow him to have command over you for next 1-2 years till he gains his confidence in personal relations; things will ease out a lot.

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