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Respected USR Sir,

I like a girl very much.There seems to be some problem in our

horoscope matching.

Our details are

BOY) : 09/09/1977, Place Bharatpur(RAJASTHAN,India) Time 8:00 AM

Girl): 24/01/1980, Place Calcutta (WB, India) Time 7:00 AM


The normal horoscope matching gives 0 points for nadi, hence is the

nadi dosh existing.


1.I have read that even if the Nadi is the same but is in different

charan and pad , it is cancelled.


2.Also I have read that if the Rashi lord is same or are friends then

the nadi dosh cancelled.


Can you tell me what can cancel the nadi dosh in the horoscopes themself?

if it is not cancelled naturally what can we do to get rid of it ??


Can someone please have a look at this matching and tell us the

complications and solutions if you know. I need advice based on your

experience and knowledge.

Thanks for your time

Warm Regards


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:( my name is pavan,

Dear sir,


I am in bangalore , i have done my mba, that is also in middle of the stage , i loved a girl name Starts with Nandini... , i am worrying about my job as well as with my love also, kindly suggest me ...




Place of Birth :Khammam.(andhrapradesh)


Girl Name: Nandini



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