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Installing Sanskrit Fonts

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http://www.baraha.com/download/baraha70.zip (4.5 MB, Free Indian Language Software)


Baraha SDK - http://www.baraha.com/baraha.htm


When you install Baraha software, it will install brhsdk.zip file along with the other program files. Unzip this file to extract the sample programs, libraries and include files. The sample programs demonstrate the usage of the SDK. If you are a normal user and not a programmer, then ignore/delete the brhsdk.zip file.



Please go through the readme.htm file in the Baraha SDK for further instructions.


source: http://www.speaksanskrit.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=80



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You may already have the Sanskrit [and Daicritical marks] font in your computer's font folder file.



You will have these already on your own computer if

you have been using any computer program that contains/uses and thus shows these Fonts and or diacritical marks on your computer, then you have it stored in your computer already, but:

You would apply the font yourself to highlighted text.



1)Paste the desired text first into a Word Document,


2) than highlight all the text,


3) Change the 'font' to one of the following:


Balarama, Scagoudy, ScaTimes, ScaHelvetica, and, ScaOptima among others.

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