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A Question for U.Sanjeeva Rao

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Dear Mr. U. Sanjeeva rao,


Is it possible for you to review my chard? The info is below.



DATE OF BIRTH:-August 27, 1969


SEX :- Female


Your current status : Studying / Service / Business:- Business

Educational background:- Some college

Work Industry and current salary.:- Education; barely making ends meet

Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember:- My marriage on Oct 7, 1990 and my divorce in September 2006. My daughter was born in 1991.

Family background;- lower middle class

Father : Business / Service / Industry etc.. factory worker HE passed away from Cancer a couple of years agp/

.Mother : house wive / Business / Service / industry etc. :- Service industry

Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details N/A

Sisters : younger / elders and above mentioned details One half sister (younger) from father's second marriage. I am a product of his first marriage.


I am respectfully requesting any information about my career and marriage prospects. I believe (but not sure) that I am running a Sat/Venus dasha right now and the last 12 months have been trying.





PS: Also I am curious if my Ätmakäraka is either Mars or Rahu.

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Dear Imperatrixmundi,

I find that Saturn in 9th house from ascendent is retrograde and debilitated caused the problems in its Sani Mahadasa and Venus Subdasa started on 14thMarch-2005 and ends by 13th May 2008. Saturn is the lord of 6th and 7th (Husband) house. Venus is in 12th house to Lagna. It is 8-6 relation to Moon the lord of the 12th house.Venus is in the constellation of Saturn. Loss of father and breaking in of marital relationship happened during this period. As it is ,your horoscope promises good earning, good children and good health. The prospect of second marriage is during Saturn Mahadasa and Moon subdasa starting from 26th April 2009 to 25th Nov 2010. But as Saturn is highly malefic ,the running period is Saturn Mahadas ,you have to pray Lord Saturn regularly (I don't know how you do ,as you belong to diffent religious belief) or gift food items , cloths ,money to sick, old ,poor and needy people on every Saturday ,as much as you can, to get benefic results.


Wish you good luck



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Dear Mr. U. Sanjeeva Rao,


Thank you SO much. :) You are right, my father died during that time as well as my divorce was final too. This means I am a Leo Ascendant and my Venus is in the Nakshatra Pushaya, right? Should I wear a blue sapphire as well?


I really do appreciate you help and my religious belief isn't as different as you may think. :)






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