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a) Agni is fire

* tendency to destroy/burn things (destruction) - this can be used to

say that it destroys enemies/good things as well depending on context

- can be extrapolated to digestive ability as well

* fire is afraid of none - this can indicate

leadership/courage/kingliness<wbr>/bravery/enterprising nature


Agni is predominant in Sun and Mars and that explains their nature.


Sun adds satwik colour to fire while Mars adds tamaasik colour - Sun

may forgive a sinner if he made the mistake unknowingly while Mars may

punish a virtous person as well.

This fiery nature makes Sun king and Mars commander-in-chief of Army -

and of course males :)


b) Jala is watery

* watery means intuitive - person is imaginative and can think in

different ways of solving a problem/approaching solutions to problems

* We can expect watery to imply creativity as well


This watery element makes Venus and Moon what they are. Creativity is

probably the forte of females and both these planets are female :)


Fickle mindedness for Moon happens due to his waxing/waning nature and

that is why Venus is saved of this


c) Vaayu is airy

* He will wander without aim - whiling away time maybe :)

* Indicates free spirit -


No wonder Saturn who is a servant has vaayu predominant - not using

time for constructive purposes.


d) Mixed or Ethery Nature

Ether is present everywhere and is a mixture of a), b) and c).

This can indicate wisdom, knowledge


Jupiter the minister has these qualities

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