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Mr US Rao - Career Query

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Dear Sir


I have recently relocated to australia from UK and despite relevant experience and qualification am unable to find a suitable job.Please help me out

DOB -07/04/1980

Birth Place - Ajmer,Rajasthan,India

Birth Time - 16:55


Can you please give me an idea of when can I expect to find a job.I was advised 2008 would prove to be a good year for me and my career,unfortunately it hasnt kickstarted as yet.


Due to change of many places in the past 3 yrs, my career hasnt gone as I wanted it to.


Can you also give me an indication of which Indsutry sector will I be employed in?


Your guidance in this matter is highly appreciated.


Many Thanks

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Thanks for replying Mr Rao.


Edu Background - MBA (HR specialisation)

Field of interest - Human Resource Management. (I have work experience from UK in the same field).

Gender - Female


If you need other details I can send them to your email id.I am sorry but I feel a little vulnerable disclosing all the details on a public forum.



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Moon Mahadasa is running at present and at any time you will get very good job. Earning through profession will be good and comfortable. You will shine in any administrative job having public dealings like managing big Hospitals or public institutions. The lagna lord Sun is in 8th house is weak, hence you have to pray Lord Shiva regularly to have more confidence in yourself and get success .It is more likely that your employment will be in India .



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