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Will I concieve?

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Respected Guru,

I was married on 27<SUP>th</SUP> May 2007 (9 months). I would like to know if I am likely to conceive this year as both my husband and me would like a child as soon as possible.

Our birth details are given below.


Date: 17<SUP>th</SUP> Jan 1981 Time: 14:47 Place: Bangalore


Date: 18<SUP>th</SUP> Jan 1980 Time: 13:30 Place: Chennai

I am eagerly awaiting you reply in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards


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Hello vkmumthy25, You have not mentioned your place of birth. Also it would be helpful if you can provide your partner's birth details. In your chart, fifth house lord is in 12th house. Fifth house is aspected by Mars. Saturn , your fifth lord happens to be Atmakaraka, giving you dukha in that area. Moon, the chara putra karaka is aspected by Rahu and Mars. This too is bad. I feel medical intervention is needed.

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when will i have a 2nd baby? i had 1st baby in 2004,and after that i had 2 abortions i'm in vein when will i conceive, i'm reciting vishnu sahasranaamam daily,ad had done subramanya abhishekams for 7 weeks .plz check our horoscopes and let me know plz sir.


my dob:11th august 1978,tob:1:16am(early of fridau)

swathi nakstra thula raasi, pob: vizianagaram ,andhra pradesh

my husbands dob: 18th october 1973,tob:4:20p.m. punarvasu nakshtra ,midhuna raasi,pob:nandyala ,andhra pradesh.

my son dob: 27th april 2004,tob:11:09 a.m.pushyami nakshtra ,karkataka raasi; pob: central time,U.S.

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i have been trying to conceive for 6 yrs pls tell me when will i concieve

my dob is 2nd sep 1979 time of birth is 8 24 am born in chennai

date of marriage is july 6th 2003 Guruji pls help


my partners dob is 26 th april 1976 chennai


i have been taking medical treatement for 2 full yrs injections and tabs pls tell me if i will concieve now in approximately few months

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Hello vkmurthy25, Try to unite with your partner during Guru or Jupiter hora. A day starting from Sunrise to next day sunrise is divided into 24 parts of one hour. The order of the horas are

1. Sun or Surya (sunday). first hora

2. sukran or Venus (friday) second hora

3. budhan or Mercury (wednesday) third hora

4. Moon or Chandra (monday) fourth hora

5. Saturn or Shani (saturday) fifth hora

6. Guru or Jupiter (thursday) sixth hora

7. chenvai or Mars ( tuesday) seventh hora


8. once again sun hora follows...



This whole cycle repeats three times. 7x3=21 hours. There are three more hours left. Once again start the cycle in the same order.


I will give you an example. Today is Tuesday. The sunrise in chennai is 6hrs:3min:39sec.(approximately 6 hrs 4 mins). Starting from this say 6 hrs 4 mins, every one hour you have one Hora of a particular graha in the order given above.


For tuesdays , the first hora will be that of Chevaai or Mars. Next hora will be that of Sun ( in the cyclic order ie.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, ). It will start to 7 hrs 4 mins. Next hora will be sukran or venus starting from 8 hrs and 4 mins. Like this repeat this cycle three times and an extra of three more planets.

Automatically on the next day, that is wednesday, the first hora will be that of Budhan or mercury. Make a tabular coloumn for all week days.

During the hora of Jupiter you may unite with your partner to allow the cells to unite.

You have not mentioned the birth time of your partner.

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i do not have the birth time of my husband but will conception occur normally at all for us do i have that line of putra in my horoscope as even inspite of treatement not being able to concieve is so frustrating we are currently in california usa.


pls also tell me if i have any dosham and shd do any pooja or say any slokam for that i really hope i will conceive atleast by next year middle i shall try to get the time of my husband 's dob

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