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Can someone please help?

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I had a daughter in Nov 2007. Though I know it is not advisable to read the horroscope of babies....I am VERY worried about a couple of things in her chart.


Can someone please help me answer these questions...


1. She was born in gandanta nakshtra ( revati nakshtra) ..so how is her health be? Is there any problem to her health?


2. Since she was born...somehow I am having lot of arguments and issues with my husband ( not that we didn't have any earlier) ..nothing serious though....also I noticed that both her moon and sun are not that strong. Her 4th house has mars in rasi and ketu in navamsa....

sometime back I used an online astrology software and it predicted something like..."native will not have support of parents"...what does this mean?

I really want to live till she is an adult..am very very worried about that..

Can you analyze her chart and see if there would be any adverse effect on mother's health? If so..any remedies?

Is there any adverse effect on father's health? Any remedies...?


3. Also ..though I know its too early but what will her profession be....I always wanted to be a doctor but couldn't...

Though I don't want to put my unfulfilled desires on her...I was just curious if she has any chances of doing anything in medical profession...?

If not too I am OK..but was curious...


Would GREATLY appreciate if someone could answer these questions..


her birth details are:

DOB: November 21, 2007

Time of birth: 3:35 pm

Place of birth: Lawrenceville , Georgia , USA

Corordinates: 83W 59' 17'', 33 N 57' 22''

Time zone: 5:00:00 (West of GMT)


Thanks in advance.

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This is probably not the answer you want to hear but I thought I should tell you anyway.

This baby is your daughter and who she becomes has a lot to do with how you and your husband will raise her.

Birth and death are predestined and there isn't much you can do about that except watch your health and stress levels. She is so young, I would concentrate on what you feed her and the amount of play time and parent time she gets.

As far as you and your husband are concerened, its very normal to have issues after having a child. Why? Well babies require a lot of attention and that means that your attention towards your husband is probably not 100%. This doesn't mean that it is your fault but this is the fact. In addition, even your husband is constantly worried about the baby's welfare and will have arguements with you if he feels something is not right. Usually 99% of arguements end up on a different topic than what they start on.

Yours and your husbands health are something she can not control..."native not having parental support" may also mean you might not approve of the life path she chooses and may have nothing to do with your or your husbands health.

Finally about her career...she is so little, first let her go to school and see what it is her strong points are and then you can guide her career wise. So many parents want doctors without realising that there child may be 100 times better at a field they enjoy.


So the purpose of this long lecture was, love your child and stop worrying about her future...You are unable to live your future today, so why bother...instill good religous values in her and teach her how to be a positve member of society and your job is done.


I hope this brings some ease to your concerns


Jai Shri Krishna

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I understand what you are saying..and was a little apprehensive about posting the query..but if someone knws a little bit of astrology ( as I do) then lot of things keeps swirling in the head....:)


And that is the main reason for seeking advice from the astro gurus..

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