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Help Required!!!

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Dear Members,


This is Kamlesh badly in need of some help. I would like to know what curse do i have from my past life. Why am i suffering so much in life. No peace of mind at all. I really struggled hard to complete my education and then higher studies and even though i havent even thought of a small harm to anyone i face so much of diificulties in life. I have been searching for a suitable match for the past 2 years but nothing seems to materialise.

I am facing so much adversity at my work place and i dont why this happens to me alone. I have suffered a lot mentally and physically for the past 27 years and still it continues.Wont there be any relief from this?

All my friends who were a bit lower than me in academics as well as Knowledge are doing great and are abroad whereas i dont find any improvement happening at all for me in anything.Even marriage seems to have become a distant dream for me.Will i ever get married? If so when will it happen?How will my spouse look? Will she be good looking and good natured? I am always at loggerheads with my parents and i I have totally lost faith in god ..


My Birth Details:


Date of Birth:28/09/1980

Time of Birth:14.35 Hrs

Location: 10' 08'' N Latitude and 78' 37'' E Longitude

Rashi and Nakshatra: Vrishaba Rashi and Krittika Nakshatra




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Dear kamlesh,


Don't feel yourself being cursed, everyone goes through a bad time phase and good time phase and you are only paying for the karma of your past life. Be the goodperson you are and things will get much better as the effects of the old are slowly gone. As far as marriage is concerned, patience brings great results. Maybe something awesome is waiting for you in the place you are...just keep hope and faith. A jyotish will guide you but it is you who needs to be optimistic about life.


With best wishes and good luck


Jai Shri Krishna

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