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Jaya Jagatambe Maa! And Hello to All.

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick hello since I am new here. I have been following Maa for 8 years with great success. I am a Shakta, if there's a need for labels though I don't really find them necessary ;-). My IshtaDevi is Maa Kali, and I love her dearly. Ever since I have been in her lap she has taught me so many things about life, the Universe, the nature of the self, etc. I have learned to love all people, in all walks of life, and spiritual traditions. I have come to appreciate the diversity that is the manifestation of Shakti. And slowly she has been taking away the social conditionings and other conditioning that causes me to view her Maya as a delusion or in a biased way. She has taught me that the physical plane and all that is in it is for a reason, and that it is not an illiusion or delusion, the only delusion is in the minds of humans who look upon it with bias and negative emotions and do not see it as a manifestation of the divine.


That's just a little about my beliefs. I am happy to be here on this forum and glad that Maa has led me here. Hopefully I can share, and help and serve as much as possible. I am not one who likes or seeks conflicts, but I am one to always stand up for what I believe. However I do not really see the duality of right and wrong, so I find no need in quarreling over certain spiritual matters... Though I do believe in some basic truths that should be upheld, like the Guru Principal which seems to be very neglected in this day and age.


Anyway I will stop myself before I babble up an essay here. I just wanted to say hello to everyone! May the Love and Light of Maa touch everyone on this forum! ;)

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