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New reform ISKCON

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ISKCON it is the sermon under Shrila Prabhupada's books

Temple ISKCON this that temple which copes at least 3 persons


Anyone who preaches books Shrila Prabhupada's can have own namahatta

Anyone who preaches under books Shrila Prabhupada's can open temple ISKCON controlled by three persons, cooperating with GBC

Anyone who preaches under books Shrila Prabhupada's, is informal leader ISKCON, can base the own temple controlled by three persons, cooperate and get support from any member GBC


In case of divergences, anyone who preaches under books Shrila Prabhupada's, is informal leader ISKCON can base own branch of mission ISKCON, cooperating and getting of support from any member GBC


Already separated from ISKCON the guru and preachers if they preach under books Shrila Prabhupada's, I can have own mission, cooperating with any of members GBC ISKCON.


Ritviks can enter own GBC as ritviks should enter the concept "guru" and them GBC can appoint diksa guru of those who strictly follows СК. The others "Ritviks guru " should be considered " siksa guru ".


GBC ISKCON enters point on acceptance and cooperation of such temples and missions, on the basis of uniform philosophy.

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I am sorry, kailasa has addressed to me that I have put his substantiation as he now cannot write




Motives of such offer


- All the same these or those will leave from Iskcon, thus they can leave an opportunity of cooperation


- Outside of Iskcon exists already much aboutIskcon currents, it will enable them to cooperate with Iskcon in frameworks necessary for both parties


- Some harizmatic leaders who are badly getting on in structure can show the individuality in more safe image, such system enables as much of them gradually to return or be in Srila Prabhupada's family


- For today Iskcon separates all who is not entered, it is not flexible and it is somewhat unreasonable


- All the same Iskcon cooperates with large lost temples such as Bangalore, it is just necessary to legalize such system and to clear up it


- Outside of Iskcon now it is a lot of currents, as a matter of fact they follow for SP, repeat a mantra itc vivid example Atmatattva Prabhu so Iskcon as a matter of fact loses many, criticize, somewhat where that deservedly as it is possible made for more flexibility in cooperation.


Thus, everyone who will preach on the basis of Shrila Prabhupada's books, IMO should be in Iskcon if we cannot cooperate even with those who repeats a sacred name and will preach what to speak about other material world? Ardently preaching materialists, nevertheless, we cannot cooperate and communicate with those who follows Shrila Prabhupada (Iskcon).

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From kailasa too


The offer to ritviks


- Ritviks cooperats with Iskcon, or form the ritvik GBC


- Allow ritvik dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name those who observe 4 principles can, chant 16 rounds and will preach on the basis of Shrila Prabhupada's books


- Agree what to allow ritvik-dedication, anyone cannot and everyone, a man come in a temple for example, both repeating one circle and following one principle, unless can give ritvik dedication by another? Ritvik dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name the one who follows Shrila Prabhupada should give, namely, to His requirements 4+16+His books.


- The one who follows rules the established Shrila Prabhupada can refer to "ritvik acaria", basically, in that case, it сorresponds to first verse Upadesamrita of Rupa Gosvami, it сorresponds Shrila Prabhupada's to instructions in the attitude a diksa guru as it сorresponds to system Ramanujacarya, the same system use in an establishment of our two new Russian gurus, therefore the man following principles, can give dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name, as in this case, he is representative Shrily Prabhupada.


- Ritvik GBC is obliged to watch the status of ritvik acaryas and those who do not follow Shrily Prabhupada's instructions, it is necessary to discharge of an opportunity to carry out dedication in pupils Shrila Prabhupada


- Ritvik acarya should aspires to personify in an ideal Shrila Prabhupada's training and to allow a personal example of following to Shrila Prabhupada

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