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why Brahmins are so bad?

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Guest srideviraman

I do agree with you. I am a brahamin from south India(tamil nadu). You can't generalize every brahamin like that . My view is that because nowadays after bringing in reservations (even after 60 yrs after independence) brahamins feel that they are not given due credit to their performance . For eg one SC guy got 67% in 12th and I got 94% and he got admission in a reputed college . Moreover That guy's dad is an educated man with a fat wallet. Now that guy has an undue advantage because he is a SC . Small incidents like this make bahamins supporting brahamins for their existence . Moreover it is common to see people of one community supporting their community.

i wholeheartedly support ur view bcz i too being a brahmin ,OC hav scord 195 cutoff with 97% bu i didnt get admision in annauniv bt an SC girl who hav scord only 182 easily got admision

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How are Bramhanas bad ?


It is the impression given by britishers to low castes so that they can divide hindus. In fact before British rule, all Hindus were living with varna dharma without any hesitation. varna dharma has nothing to do with inferiority. There's divineness in Varna or caste and it is an important aspect of Hindu vedic culture.


It's the mleccha's mind who see inferiority in caste and they used this dirt to alter social balance and culture of Hindus.

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