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Vrindhavan Trip Sept 07 queries

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Hi everyone,

I will be in Vrindhavan for the first time during the first week of september 2007 just in time for the Krishna Janmasthami. Can you pls tell me:


1. Your opinions about the MVT guest house. Is it safe and clean? Do families stay here?


2. What are other good hotels are available in the vicinity of MVT? I did a lot of search on the internet but found only two other that were a bit far away. Can you pls share some in the heart of the city with email ids or websites for them?


3. "Your day in Vrindhavan" is a nice program in the KB temple. Has anyone done this before? It costs Rs.11000. What all did you do?


Thank you so much for your help

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I had a flat at MVT for a while but only spent six months there one time. MVT is the place to be without doubt. Very clean and very safe with 24 guards on duty. It is a gated area. Yes families stay there. Great resteraunt connected to the facility. 24 hour staff on duty to help you with any question. They help with arranging cab service if you need it and a bunch of other things that may come up. Just a few steps from Krsna Balarama Mandir.


Can't say about other hotels but MVT is the only place I would stay.


"Your day in Vrndavana" for 11,000 rupees? Never heard of it but it sounds ridiculously over priced and like a tourist trap to me. The temple is not above going after your rupees. Don't be a sentimentalist. Be wary of anyone who approaches you with special tours temple people or not Everyone wants to scam the westerners. Wait until you get settled in a bit. After a couple weeks there I made friends with a bhakta from Bombay and we got along really well.


He took me around Vrndavan showing me different temples and sights and we ate good with me picking up the expenses of course and had a fun time doing it. It's also good to leave such a kind person with 100 rupees even if they don't ask for it and are just being a friend. Everybody there can use a rupee boost.


Remember you are a bhakta and not a tourist.


Also I might add your patience will be tested often. I saw that aspect as Krsna making me work on becoming patient as it's not a strong suit of mine normally.


I went to Radha Kunda often and that was my favorite part of the trip.


Have a great pilgrimage!


Radhe Radhe

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