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swapna vaarahi jan vasi karan stotram

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:eek: asya sri swapna vaarahi mantrasya

eeswara rishi :/


jagati chandha: / swapna varahi devata


om beejam

hreem shakthi


tam tam keelakam

mama abhista sidhyardhe jape viniyogaha


''0m hreem namo vaarahi ghore swapnam tam tam swaha


:eek3: by this mantra your enemies are stunned jana vashikaran will be possible and no body can effect sadhak of this mantra and eventually surrender to sadhak , and mainly enemies are effected by sense of inferiortiy complex:silent: :ponder:

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please tell me the exact process of chanting this mantra.. within how many days am able to get the results?

what sort of JAAPMALA should i use?

should i use the specific yantra for the same?

what if the person whom i want to be under my order is not at all talking with me , and staying in other city??

we both are in differnt cities..

but i have a photo of that person with me..

will the photo be effective in dragging him towards me


reply please..

or mail me at piyushnirawala@sify.com

waiting for the response

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Guest Srihari

Who chaats this vaarahi mantra this parameshwari protect his all of life nobody can touch this person

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