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  1. please forward me the sabar mantras at piyushnirawala@sify.com i am waiting for the same....even tell me teh exact prodedude ro initiate the mantra jap and the methods, dos and the donts...
  2. jains are not at all hindus.. nor hindus are jains.. both the rligions are age old religions.. so old that its difficult to say that both the religions are one and the same.. jains dont accept the vedas as their holy granthas, so tehy are not vedic.. jains belive in JINA.. and the followers of JINA is called as jain.. jain is a religion propogated by jain tirthankara.. how can one religion be a subsect of other religion...? there are evidences of the jain idols found in the ruins and excavations of HADDAPPA and MOHANDE JADO.. jianism existed well before the times of mahaveer swami.. mahaveer swami ie the 24th tirthankara .. he is not the founder of jains.. the first jain tirthankara is the AADINATH or RISHABHNATHA.... even if hindus consider aadinath as one of the avtaras of vishnu.. jains consider AADINATH as the independent soul.. not the avtara of any deity or god.. the concept of world is totally different in both the religions.. hindus consider that brahma vishnu and mahesh are the ones, who look after this world.. it is the belief of the hindus that the world is controlled by these deities.. where as jains consider that there is no god to control the world.. every thing in this world has its own laws, similarly the world has its own laws of existance... no one is the creator and the destroyer of this world.. this is the firm belief of jains... there are separate holy books for jains as there are pooranas for hindus.. the holy books of jains are called as the AAGAMS.. the literature in the AAGAM is said to be the tirthankara waani.. the teachings of tirthankaras.. in jain tradition,,, the complete VEETARAG state of an individual is worshipped.. this state is not worshipped in vedic tradition. the acharyas and the dharmagurus vary in both the religions a lot... we find a lot of difference of practices in the hindu dharmaguru and the jain dharmaguru... even it has been declared by the supreme court that jains are not hindus.. even so much so that a non jain is not at all supposed to visit the jain temple... as a jain temple is a place of worship for the jains and not the non jains... there are lot more things that are even common in both the religions,, but i want to point out that jains are not at all hindus , and hindus are not jains..
  3. please tell me the exact process of chanting this mantra .. when to begin it.. how to begin it.. number of MALA that i have to do the jap.. etc etc etc... or message me at piyushnirawala (at) sify.com
  4. please post the sabar mantra for conversion of the enemy into a best friend. we both are in two different cities.. i have the photo of that person with me.. we both are not at all in contacts with each other since the last 15 months.. i want to have 100% results.. tell me that will bring my friendback to me.... he has become my worst enemy.. once upon a time we both were too fast and best frfiends of each other.. tell me the exact and detailed process.. waiitng for response at piyushnirawla@sify.com
  5. please tell me the exact process of chanting this mantra.. within how many days am able to get the results? what sort of JAAPMALA should i use? should i use the specific yantra for the same? what if the person whom i want to be under my order is not at all talking with me , and staying in other city?? we both are in differnt cities.. but i have a photo of that person with me.. will the photo be effective in dragging him towards me ?? reply please.. or mail me at piyushnirawala@sify.com waiting for the response
  6. send me the mantra that is used to attract my worst enemy or a friend.. so that that person will always remain my friend till the end of my life.. the condition is that that other person is not in the city in which i am staying.. we both are staying in two different cities.. i have the photo of that person with me, the one whom i want to attract for a good friendship with me.. we were once upon a time very good friends of each other.. now we are totally not at all in contacts with each other sicne the last 15 months.. please help me in this matter .. i shall really be greatful to u.. i want to have 100 percent results of whatever the sadhna or mantra jap that u are going to give me.. message me at piyushnirawala@sify.com
  7. please tell me about the yakshini sadhana , apsara sadhana and swapneshwari sadhana.. tell in detail about the apsara sachna. i want her to be my guide.. thats why.. pls dont neglect
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