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by this mantra kunti was able to give birth to pandavas

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vishnur yonim kalpayatu twashtur roopnai vigam shatu


aasimprajantu prajapatirdhata gharbham vidha dhatu


garbham dehi cinivaari garbham dehi saraswati garbhante


ashwni-ou devi pradhattam pushpa raja stree sa



this is the famous mantra by which kunti was able to get sons like


karna by sun

yudhistir by yamraaj

arjuna by indra

bheema sen by vaayu dev

nakul and shahadev by ashwini devatas


jaap vidhi :


have a bath and after sunset sit infront of lord vishnu murthys photo/image /idol/ or of your ishta daivam offer dhoop,deep, naivedyam


jaap this mantra for 40 days and wife and husband should be in harmony and peace and have foods which are digestile easily , and

this mantra japa can be done if the women is already pregnant ,


my intention of sharing this very secret mantra is that a couple who are childless can try this and it would be helpful forthem ,


as per most reliable sources this is the mantra (original) , i dont assure that :deal: god would stand infront of you and bless wtih child but :idea: a child with blessings can be expected

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