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Challenging horoscope

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Shanti everyone.


Here is a challenging horoscope for interpretation:


Birth date: 13/05/1976

Birth Time: 4:50 am

Birth place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Lat. 22 S 54' Long. 43 W 14')

Sex: Male


Several astrologers have read this chart with many conflicting interpretations, and predictions. This person seeked me after going to several people, and I am a constant reader of this list, so decided to post here. Here are some facts about the person he asked to include:


(1) Very intelectual and passionate person, but devoted as well. Sucessful in career. Currently concluding a very advanced degree in a very famous institution. But not happy about it. Poor advisor apparently. Considered brilliant student, but has difficulties expressing ideas (talks very fast, thinks too fast). Others profit from his ideas, but he is unable to.


(2) Last few years have had many problems, mainly arising from mental troubles and difficulties in decision making. Many times, things fall apart or fall on his head despite good intentions.


(3) Met several gurus, but has had no deep spiritual experiences. Feels attraction to spiritual life. Devoted to temples.


(4) To be married to a foreigner.


(5) Financial status oscillates. Sometimes very successful, others not so. Makes money from things he is not enamored with.


(6) Mother suffers severe ailments and has difficult life with father. Has one sister, who struggles in school but is succeeding slowly.


(7) Currently he suffers of bouts of depression and confusion. Overweight.


(8) Tendency to tremendous optimism or severe pessimism. Exagerates facts sometimes.


He has asked several astrologers about future opportunities. Should he spend a year at home tending for his mother? How about his professional future? He has opportunities as a professor (with average pay) and at company (with high pay). Not excited by either as of now.


I myself took a look at the rasi. It is quite confusing. There are many planets in first house, there is what appears to be a "reverse" Kala Sarpa, which is broken by Jupiter and Venus first house, Saturn in fourth, and Moon's degree.

Strength of planets is unclear, but Mars is strong and debilitated. His family has already taken some remedial measures in India. But astrologers have conflicting views. In general, it seems either happy marriage and successful business or total renunciation and ascetic life. I was able to see both ... !

Can you see mystical experiences?


He is my close friend and relative. Could any of the great students and teachers here please take a look and advice? It is curious the amount of contradictions in this chart... Never seen anything like it before.




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Sorry, here follows the horoscope:


Rasi --

1st House:

Lagna Aries 8o 50'

Sun Aries 29o 8'

Jupiter Aries 17o 49'

Venus Aries 19o 28'

Ketu Aries 19o 0'


2nd House:

Mercury Taurus 9o 32'


4th House:

Saturn Cancer 4o 23'

Mars Cancer 4o 31'


7th House:

Moon Libra 21o 59'

Rahu Libra 19o 0'


Navamsa --


Mars Leo 3rd

Saturn Leo 3rd

Jupiter Virgo 4th

Venus Virgo 4th

Ketu Virgo 4th

Sun Sagitarus 7th

Mercury Pisces 10th

Rahu Pisces 10th

Moon Aries 11th


Please advice.

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Name: Praveen

Date of Birth: 24-december-1978

Place of Birth: Kurukshetra (Haryana-India)

Time of Birth: 07:22am.

I want to know about my professional career. Whether I would get government job or private job (whether I would get job in police or not).Marriage is love or arrange and at which time. I will be highly thankful to you if you email all these information at my emailid.

vikasgahlotastrology@gmail.com or vikasgahlotastrology@.co.in.

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I went thru the horoscope and i think he is born on lunar eclipse day.

sun and moon is 180 degrees out of phase with rahu and ketu indicates that the person is born on a fullmoon day with lunar eclipse. Since the fullmoon is placed in his seventh house, there is a chance that he may get a very good dutiful and loving counter part (wife) and moody some times. He also have very moody behaviour which is constantly changing. He also posess very deep thinking and wide areas of kowledge regarding medicine , electronics etc..

the placement of saturn and mars in fourth house can create alot of problem regarding mother, house, education, heart etc. There is a chance that he always complains about his mother who did'nt take much care of him. The eclipse in kendras as far i know is not good ..

and i am also is a student interested in vedic astrology so my knowledge is also limited..

But let me know , what i ve said is correct or wrong , so i can also improve in vedic astrology. any way that person is really a 'genius' due to the moon and saturn.

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