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UFO's in Medieval paintings of Jesus and Mary, dinosaurs and humans and more...

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on one of the roof-lintels is a cartouche which has achieved mythical status on the internet; it shows a helicopter and a submarine-though archeologists deride the "Abydos helicopter" as a simple case of palitation (the superimposition of one cartouche upon another- common in ancient egypt- combining with erosion to produce an unusual shape), and the digitally enhanced image on the web is far clearer than the murky original

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Guest guest



these so called scientists, they really wanna keep us dumb and ignorant, well, guess there is news for them.....


the times, they are changing.....


Haribol !!!!

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yeah they exist.


Science in outer space is much more adveanced than of the earth...


and Sceientist are trying to make us DUMB really, i agree. But they are dumb themselves...they know nothing.


They are imagining to see the past but in vain... but we can see the past easily with some spiritual parctices.........can change any matter into any.

Scientissts make airplanes to fly but we can fly oeverselves...


They are DUMB themselves.

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