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Folio Infobase (Complete Works of SP)

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I'm trying out including links (to on-line audio files), which will stream

in Windows Media Player (Classic), which I include in following download. Only the first three files are linked. Only people for now who already have Folio-Views installed can see it. Can somebody test it for me?




Is it a good idea? Like a cheap version of Folio Base. With links

to ALL the Audio files. Or if you wanted if you had the files

already on your hardrive could add 2 links, (files would have

to be in My Documents/Audio/etc, or if you had from archive.org

it would be My Documents/Prabhupada/01.Bg1

(i'm guessing you named the folder Prabhupada:).


the streamed file is NOT an m3u. file, (its' .mp3), so anybody

can save it also. From archive.org. Because its all Public domain

I don't have problem doing it (i never did before either lol).


Also I know how to make Folio Databases, so I might make

my own Sp Database. But I doubt it, big project. Probably take

me years. Nah i leave it, can't mess with perfection. Well might

tweak (not change), people trust me enough that I don't change


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Oh yes, also before converted all Bg audio (all), to a PC voice, (shes okay), and read it very well for a computer voice. You can get realy good voices, I'll try and get the cd if I can and convert.



Example Introduction,



AT&T Natural Voices

Real life voices.

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