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Do I have any curse frm prevous birth or this one...how one comes to know thru Badhak

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Greetings to all,



No astrologer/pandit has been able to diagnose my chart properly so far. Someone suggest to marry peepal and Vat (Joined together) tree to be able to find life partner (Have not done so far)


Someone tells me to wear Moonga (Which I have not worn)


Someone tells me to wear Yellow sapphire since Jupitor sitting in house of Venus ----and it will solve all problems.. (I have not worn also).


To do a pitra gayatri jappa and havan... (Have done but no direct effect as such)


Atleast 3 engagements of mine were broken just before marriage.


Lots of ups and down in career and family life...


Can anyone read my chart and see if there is any specific curse on me or the family and what could be the remedy?? At the same time is there a possibility of marriage and when???



I will be obliged if the learned ones and those who are interested in analysing different charts would go thru my details and guide me....


My details..


Name - Roshni Mallik

DOB- I April 1970

Place- Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh near Jhansi

Time- 3.45 PM



With blessings

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