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Donations For GambhirÄ Renovations

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Just recently, i came across one of the webpages at Mäyäpur.com that offered all the devotees a golden opportunity...


The Gambhirä, whiere Lord Caitanya, lived and stayed in the Mähäbhäva, is due for renovations... and so all the devotees will have a great golden opportunity to serve the Lord.


The following is an excerpt taken from http://www.dandavats.com/?p=2902


The temple has sustained much damage over the years due to lack of proper maintenance. The whole place is very dirty and the roofs and walls are falling down. The temple roof is also cracking. Additionally, the temple has a lack of proper income for the maintenance of the devotees and for deity puja—and, of course, the more the Gambhira is allowed to deteriorate, the fewer visitors it will have.


At this crucial point, the mahanta of Gambhira has requested ISKCON to extend kind assistence to him in order to protect and maintain this most holy place. Devotees from all over the world come to offer their prayers and obeisances at Gambhira. This is one of the most important places for the followers of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and must be maintained nicely.

Thus, this is a golden opportunity for devotees to render service to this most sacred cause.


For further information contact

Bhakti Purusottama Swami

Phone: ++ 91 9434506434

E mail: bps@pamho.net



Below is the list of different services available and the budget for each one:

1.Cleaning of whole area$ 225

2. White washing & coloring $ 570

3. Kitchen utensils $ 570

4. Kitchen oven etc $ 450

5. Kitchen room renovation $ 700

6. Garden for Radha Radha kanta $ 350

7. Renovation of residential devotees’s accommodation $ 700

8. Repairing of over all electrification $ 1150

9. Generator 10 KVA $ 2850

10. Sanitation repairing $ 600

11. Water supply repairing $ 350

12. Musical instruments $ 225

13. Shoe stand, Clock room $ 525

14. Public toilets $ 1025

15. Drinking water facilities $ 350

16. Any amount of general donation



Temple monthly maintenance:

Devotee Prasad $ 525 per month.

Deity seva $ 275 per month.

General Expenses $ 350 per month.



Bank transfer: American Express Bank, Kolkata

Account No 420081073

Account Name: ISKCON Gaura Purnima Festival Fund Bank Address: American Express Bank Ltd, 21 , Old Court House Street Kolkata700001, West Bengal, INDIA Swift Code No.: AEIBINDXCAL

Any Indian donor could directly remit the money to our account with UTI Bank Limited, Krishnanagar, Nadia Dist, West Bengal. The details are as follows:-

Bank: UTI Bank Limited

Account No: 237010100005944

Account Name: ISKCON

Bank Address: UTI Bank Limited,12 M M Ghosh Street, Krishnanagar, Dist Nadia, West Bengal 741101 Swift Code No.: UTIBINBB005

Cheque: In favor of ISKCON, payable at Kolkata,

The letter should be addressed to Purananda das, ISKCON, 31, Lake Avenue, Kolkata 700026, India.

You can also donate online by using “Donate Now” option in www.mayapur.com.

When you send in your donation, please inform e-mail us at gopijanaballabha.jps@pamho.net with the details of donation, mode of payment, purpose if any specific purpose you wish to serve.



the above stated are page excerpts:

more info could be found at:






Jay GauraHari


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