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Need help and advice - manglik dosha

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I'm a guy and 've a friend whom i know for almost 3yrs (we work together) and we want to settle down now. During the process of kundli matching, we found she is manglik. She has mars in 12th house, libra ascendant, scorpio moon sign, jyestha nakshatra.


atrology is new to me- I did some research on net and found there are some exceptions (or no doshas); and i personally feel she is meeting atleast these exceptions;


1) mars in conjuntion with saturn in 12th house. She has mars and saturn together in 12th house.

2) her moon sign is scorpio whose lord is Mars- so may be she will not have any mangalik dosha

3) also- she has jupiter in first house (ascendant), i read somewhere that also nullifies the effect of dosha.

4) also her ascendant (lagna) is libra with mars in 12th house- probably in that case also no manglik dosha.


please guide me. i'm finding it difficult to convince my parents in this regard. Please help me.

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Respected Guru Ji and Dear learned members of the forum


I am a North India based 26 years old male.


I have a question regarding my manglik status.

Birth Information:

Date : 15-July-1981

Time : 03:45 a.m.

Place: City: Dhanbad, State :Jharkhand (previously part of Bihar), Country: India

Latitude : 23.47 N

Longitude : 86.32 E


Marital Status : Never Married

QUERY : Whether I am a Manglik or Non-Manglik or Anshik Manglik

One astrologer has told me that I am a manglik while another said that the manglik

dosha is cancelled because of auspicious positions of other planets in my

chart.I tried to use a software called "Horoscope Explorer" and it also says that

the Dosha is cancelled due to favorable influence of other planets.


I am now confused as to whether I should marry a manglik or a non-manglik girl.

My parents are insisting that I should go only for a manglik match.


I am mentioning the planets in my Lagna chart below:



In the 1st House = Ascendant-Gemini(Mithun), Mars,Sun,Mercury

In the 2nd House = Venus,Rahu

In the 3rd House = No Planets

In the 4th House = Jupiter,Saturn

In the 5th House = No Planets

In the 6th House = No Planets

In the 7th House = Moon

In the 8th House = Ketu

In the 9th House = No Planets

In the 10th House = No Planets

In the 11th House = No Planets

In the 12th House = No Planets



I read somewhere the following cancellation rules for Manglik Dosha :


1. If Mars is in conjunction/aspected by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu no dosha.


2. If Venus and Moon are in second house or even one of them is present in the second house then also it is


said that the effect of Mars is reduced.


Can anyone please clarify the cancellation rules for Manglik dosha and whether

any of them (including above 2 rules) is applicable in my case ?





I have heard that Anshik Mangliks can choose both manglik and non-manglik

partners. Is that true?


Thanks in advance


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