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  1. I'm a guy and 've a friend whom i know for almost 3yrs (we work together) and we want to settle down now. During the process of kundli matching, we found she is manglik. She has mars in 12th house, libra ascendant, scorpio moon sign, jyestha nakshatra. atrology is new to me- I did some research on net and found there are some exceptions (or no doshas); and i personally feel she is meeting atleast these exceptions; 1) mars in conjuntion with saturn in 12th house. She has mars and saturn together in 12th house. 2) her moon sign is scorpio whose lord is Mars- so may be she will not have any mangalik dosha 3) also- she has jupiter in first house (ascendant), i read somewhere that also nullifies the effect of dosha. 4) also her ascendant (lagna) is libra with mars in 12th house- probably in that case also no manglik dosha. please guide me. i'm finding it difficult to convince my parents in this regard. Please help me.
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