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Feminazis prepare to take India

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By Henry Makow Ph.D.

November 21, 2006

I've been a reader of your articles and you do make a very solid case on traditional time-tested family values.


I'm originally from India and currently living in USA. I'm distraught to see how the family system, considered to be a solid backbone of Indian society is now breaking up in India with a couple of feminazi laws newly enacted by the Indian government.


I request you to take some time out of your busy schedule and have a look at:



It's a website that explains the demonic implications of a couple of laws enacted against dowry and domestic violence. While I fully support the effort to eradicate dowry and other practices that cause tremendous pain to women, I can NEVER stand for any law that presumes a person to be GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT of a CRIMINAL offense.


Basically, two laws were enacted, according to which a woman or anyone in her family can simply go to a police station and lodge a complaint that either her husband or some relative of the husband committed an act of domestic violence. And such a complaint is treated as a "non-bailable, non-compoundable, cognizible CRIMINAL offense", and the accused is treated as "GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT".


Such an act protects ONLY the women and the men are totally HELPLESS when it comes to violence against them. And because of this lopsidedness, SEVERAL women have started to ABUSE the law to ridiculous extents just to manipulate their husbands or the husbands' relatives, and use the law as an assasin's weapon for blackmail or extortion.


There is an alarmingly increasing number of cases where highly paid professionals such as doctors, lawyers and software engineers (who are the BEST of men) are being frivolously booked for false dowry charges, and not only are they getting arrested but even their aged parents are mercilessly being implicated. And a much greater number of families are terrorized and blackmailed into submission just by mere THREATS of false dowry charges. It's nasty to even think about completely innocent elderly men and women in their 70s and 80s being ruthlessly thrown into prison. So many of them just commit suicide, since they're just not able to digest the fact that they went to jail. I actually get the jitters NOW when I write this email, as it's too horrifying to even think about it.


I'm dead sure that these laws were crafted by some VICIOUS male-hating feminazis, and is clearly designed to RUIN the family system.


I could go on and on writing about this, but I sincerely implore you to take a look at the www.498a.org website to see how demonic this new law is, and how clearly it's designed to LEGALLY authorize feminazi terrorism.


Because of this, several Indian men are living in CONSTANT TERROR that someone might frivolously implicate them for a criminal offense, and acts such as these clearly DEMASCULATE the menfolk. The eunuchs in the government shamelessly look the other way. It also does no good to the women, as every woman is unconsciously looking for the man that makes her FEEL feminine. And this type of government and media propaganda makes them believe that feeling feminine is some form of "weakness"!


Sometimes just thinking about it starts giving JITTERS!


I'll actually be getting married very soon to a really wonderful and a very very feminine woman. But I realize that it's no longer about me and her either. Realistically and theoritically, if any relative of hers doesn't like me for some reason, they can book me under a false dowry charge, and it can be treated as a CRIMINAL offense, and the onus of proving innocence is on the ACCUSED!!!!


I detest the idea of a prenup, but now I'm seriously considering getting some kind of a prenuptial legal document signed by ALL members of my family and her family stating that no dowry will ever be involved; that no one will file any criminal charge against any family member and would consider the accused innocent unless conclusively proven guilty; and should there exist any possibility that the accused could still be innocent, the person holds himself(herself) guilty of fabricating false evidence and without any contest holds themselves liable to criminal prosecution.


I think this will ensure that no one misuses the anti-dowry laws in any manner, as everyone would face draconian punishments for any act of legal terrorism.


I know that you have a strong circle of influence that fully understands your case, and I'll be grateful to you if you can take a little time to study the implications of these draconian laws mentioned in www.498a.org; find out for yourself how brutally horrifying they are; and spread this message around to all the people in your sphere of influence. Perhaps someone in the network can offer useful information that could save the lives of millions of people.


Also, do you know of any international law, such as Geneva convention or any similar code that requires all charges to be considered as "frivolous until guilt is proven"? If you know of any such clause, please let me know, as I'm always interested in getting useful information.


Thanks so much for your time and God bless you for your wonderful work.


Also, do you know of any international law, such as Geneva convention or any similar code that requires all charges to be considered as "frivolous until guilt is proven"? If you know of any such clause, please let me know, as I'm always interested in getting useful information.


Thanks so much for your time and God bless you for your wonderful work.








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Woman is in no way inferior to man. The home is a cooperative organization. It flourishes on the principle of division of labour. If a man earns and the wife stays at home, it does not mean that the woman is a parasite and a slave. She is indeed the builder of the nation. To make noble citizens by training their children and to form the character of the whole human race is undoubtedly a power far greater than that which women could hope to exercise as voters or law-makers, as presidents, ministers or judges.


The idea that men and women are equals is purely a Western concept. The Indian or Hindu concept is that man and woman, Purusha and Sakti, are one and indivisible. Sita did not think herself as a separate entity. She was in and of Rama. The Indian woman always identifies herself completely with her husband in all domestic, religious and social life. She is the queen of the house. She illumines the home through the glory of motherhood. It is in the motherhood of woman that all her prerogative, glory, competency and jurisdiction are specially vested.


The West has seen women playing the man in every walk of life. But has this contributed more to human happiness and to the real prosperity and peace of the country? Surely it has brought more divorce courts, more unhappiness, more restlessness. This has only thickened the women’s veil of ignorance and augmented their Rajasic element.


Even in the West, there are many persons who are not in favour of women claiming equality with men. Even those who were in favour of this movement are now seriously repenting for their wrong advocacy, because they are actually witnessing before their eyes its pernicious effects.


Loose life is not perfect freedom. Promiscuous mixing is not freedom. Some women of India have ruined themselves by taking advantage of this false freedom.


The ideal of the woman in the West should not be our ideal, for then we shall not only be denaturalized, but also denationalized. One nation cannot adopt the ideal and the social customs of another without undermining one’s own rock-bottom base.


Women should become good mothers only. This is the function they will have to perform in the grand plan of God. This is what is meant in the divine plan. This is the will of God. Women have their own psychological traits, temperament, capacities, virtues, instincts and impulses. They have their own disadvantages in society. They cannot, and should not, compete with men.

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Woman and men are differnt, even physically they are not same.. are they? in every repsect they are different...Men (gentlemen) have to rule and women (genlte women) have to serve, thats the ideal society...Else you will have kind of society which you have right now, without head and tail....


Hari hari bol

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