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Rafal ji pls Help

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Om Guruvae Namaha

Dear rafal ji Namaskar

Thanks for Answering my query But My Doubts

1.i have 7th lord shukra in 12th in moolatrikona isnt it good???

2.Also My Ul is aspected by Jupiter Graha Drishti and 2nd from Ul

Consist of Moon and aspected by Jupiter Rasi Drishti Both in Rasi and

Navamsa So Will it will not Give Blessing for Marriage??????

3.i Have Mars and Venus Exchange in Navamsa and Jupiter in 7th house

in d-9 is That Not Good??/

4.Next i have Jupiter Neechabhanga bec of Saturn its lord in kendra

as per Guru Sanjay Rath Ji Principles.....

5.How Ketu in 12th will give Quarrels........Why Quarrel is Going to


6.Whether My Married life will be good i asked Not Marriage Rafal

Ji..........After Marriage Whether Married life will be good i asked

rafal ji

Pls Don Get angry

and answer Patiently

Thanking u


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