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Brahma Muhurtham

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Dear Member of Rajarajeshwari_Kalpataru ,

As per Smritibhaskara, the last yaama of the night is the brahmamuhurtha. The night contains four yaamas. One yaama is equal to 7 1/2 nazhikas- i.e. 3 3/4 muhurthas. The last two muhurthas occur before sunrise. They are called brahmam and roudram. Brahma muhurtham is 4.30 A.M. in our time.

This time is called Brahma Muhurtham, referring to the fact that it has sacred energies for the worship of the Brahman inside you.Brahman here refers to the God-immanent in every sentient being.

This time is most fruitful as most of the people are asleep and even the animals are sleeping.

Meditation is a coherent flow of energy and is disturbed by the external atmosphere and other people's vibrations and thought forms. These things do not affect the meditator during Brahma Muhurtha.

The atmosphere is sacred because the vibrations of mind involved in world matters are not emitted from the people since they are in deep sleep. Mind is also a form of energy. Mind disappears in deep sleep. And swapna-mana has no real effect on the Jagrath-mana of the meditator.This has been proved even by modern radiogram studies.

The atmosphere is not polluted by the radiations of worldly feelings. At that time devotees awake and pray God. Their pure mental rays pervade all over the world and make the time sacred. Thus it becomes congenial and encouraging atmosphere.

After sunrise people awake and the materialistic mental radiations are emitted through their physical senses. The atmosphere is polluted. People will disturb you dragging you to materialistic discussions. Even by seeing their face, you will be affected. If you see a devotee, you become sacred. The mind and body are inter-related. Since mind is energy and energy is matter, even if you see the body, the mind in that body is emitted out affecting you. Therefore, avoid even the vision of materialistic people, not to say about their touch, conversation and co-living.

After sunrise when you worship God, close your eyes to avoid such people. But, their mental radiations spread all over the cosmos and are inevitable. It is better to walk in the early morning while singing devotional songs. Morning walk is good for health.

Apart from this, the mind desires dynamic condition of the body. The body was in static condition all over the night. Mind is always for a change. Satisfy the mind and you should not unnecessarily control the mind when it is not necessary.

You can pray God even without bath. Veda, Gita and the very first verse of Sandhyavandanam say that God can be worshipped irrespective of physical formalities.

After some time body is tired and the mind needs rest. By that time, sunrise is over. Now you sit at a place and worship God closing your eyes. Thus the time has its own invisible effect on the spiritual effort. Sattvam is prominent in the early morning. Rajas is prominent in the day time. Tamas is prominent in the night. Therefore early morning is the divine time called as Brahma Muhurtham.

Also, one more thing--Many Rishis, Siddhas, yogis, sants, sadhus, gupta sanchara yogis, Munis and mahapurushas living in the forests and other etheric planes connected to our Janma-bhoomi will be active during this time and shower their blessings upon us.This will not only aid material progress but also more importantly spiritual progress.

Jayosthu Rajarajajeshwari Amba!

Yours yogically,

Shreeram Balijepalli






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Guest k.Subramanian

excellent info on Brahma Muhurtham . Thank you for your great information. LONG LIVE YOUR GOOD THOUGHTS. Thank you God. thank you parents

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