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Sweet Friends,


My most precious Guru Maa Shyama Raj very kindly agreed to my request to share with our Shakti Sadhana Sangha here, the Seminar she delivered at our Centre on the Nine Cosmic Maharatris during this auspicious time of the Navratris.






We are regrouping in yet another ascension seminar for our

evolution. The term evolution actually means the advancement in

the power of the consciousness in over coming physical limitations. It can also be referred as the conscious state that expresses the Love to God in all kingdoms of intelligence. The real evolution is “spiritual evolution” whereby our bodies evolve toward the divine Self, integrating with one another. Spiritual evolution enlightens all our conscious bodies, giving sustaining purpose to our life, through Love and Wisdom. We are a part of life, but not ‘life itself’.


We are a part of the whole of the collective consciousness of all living beings. This collective body manifests the Divine Light of God to create heaven on earth. Our memories of being a part of the Higher Evolution is hidden from our knowledge by the

veil of maya, and when we remove this veil with the Light of God and

power of our intent & will, the existence of other worlds is

revealed to us by our Higher-self. However, the choice to serve the Light must be made in every incarnation, in every cycle and in every plan of creation.



The visible and invisible growth in every kingdom that God

has created is evolution. Similarly our planet earth got evolved for millions of years to sustain our life. All creations of God are in relationship with each other, there is relationship between universe to universe, galaxy to

galaxy, our planet with other planets, this interaction of everything is God’s

game plan in the from of evolution.

Every thing that exists in the God’s plan is interconnected. This makes us all

inter-dimensional beings, with our mental bodies having the ability to

communicate with the Logos (entities in charge of a particular level of

existence) of a particular dimension.



God through the Enoch (which means the

initiator of Light or an ascended Master of Light) says, “ The creative mind

as the center of this universe, a human when thinks of God with his own third

dimensional level, he limits God to that one universe he belongs to”. Enoch

further says, “ universe beyond universe, we see the many and the one in we

live, as a splendor higher plan of creation of God, therefore you must

recognize all universes in order to see God, He cannot be seen in the image of

your own creative universe for He is beyond all images.”



Enoch means to say that, God is beyond all

universes, and yet all universes function collectively from the higher most

order of Creation. Under the collective functioning, while not only earth but

also our living universe had to be destroyed for it once fell into the matrix

of dark space also called as degenerating phase of star evolution. (This

means the will of the universe does not permit evolution.) To save our star

universe, God worked in the eternal time, and transformed his essence (the

eternal matter) into physical reality. The Mother/Father God worked in the

eternal time frame for nine cosmic days/nights to bring and breathe Life into

our universe and on the tenth cosmic day/night it become reality. These are the

ten stages of evolution of the Light, that is governed by Arcuturians (

cosmic beings helping earth’s evolution), they are called as the Lord

of Lights. The Light is projected from the Arcuturians into our

planet, to help us evolve and allow the star seed from them to connect us with

the higher dimensions.


Having talked about God’s creation of multi universes in

the nine cosmic eternal nights, we in our eastern philosophy call them as the Navaratri

or the Nine Holy Nights. We will now deal in details about these

nine nights :-


Maha-Ratri (First Night)


The first night/day of the navaratri is called the ‘Maha

Ratri’. The Maha Ratri is referred to the eternal time and the transition

of matter into an eternal ocean of silence as the first step of destruction for

re-construction. Among the existence of many universes when our universe was

falling from the Light of God, the first movement to save the universe with the

cycles of creation started on the first eternal time. This first eternal time

stands upon or works on the corpse of the previous ruined evolving universe.. It

is mentioned as ‘corpse’ because the ruined evolving universe contains

the body material (dead, lifeless things) of all things yet beyond form. It is

beyond the body definition. It is also a corpse because the life is not

functioning in Light of a minimum third dimensional level, from where human

considers the beginning. So at first, it is a continuous explosion of all

formless matter into a new beginning. Spiritually this is referred to as the

first death, where one goes through the night of destruction and the ego dies.

Many of you have experienced this form of death in your dreams, visions, etc.

The Maha Ratri is known as the Night of Eternal in the Language of Light and in

the Indian panchang the day is referred as the ‘ekadeshi’. The

life giving energy spirals in many directions, until it comes together and form

shape and structure in a third dimensional level.



Krodha Ratri (Second Night)



The second phase of work in the eternal time is called as

the Krodha Ratri. It is referred as ‘Krodha’ because everything

that is destructed is devoured in absence of Light or Sun of the universe. In

the spiraling energy of the Maha Ratri practically every atom is devoured

or consumed by the endless time, in a strong cosmic immensity. In that

darkness, or in a state of universal dissolution, the first light appears as a

birth of a star. This nature of light is responsible for combustion (rapid

burning) of star evolution. The main object of the first phase of star

evolution is the instrument of knowledge illuminating everywhere. The Krodha

Ratri represents, after the darkest period in one’s life, the appearance of

Light as wisdom or illumination as reassurance of God for help and protection.

Also esoterically referred as the first sign of divinity or the first light in

one’s devastated life when a human is in anger with himself for his defeat. The

first light that appears on the second eternal time is the source of all thoughts,

for thought is nothing but energy.



Divya Ratri (third night)


The third eternal time of evolution is known as ‘Divya

Ratri’. As the third phase of work, the spiraling energy moves, with in the

energy field to become the circular cubic matrix, or the third dimensional

reality. The central form in the magnetic fields of turbulence forms the

singular sun system. Under the pressure of the radiation a complete star

evolution takes place representing the matter and anti matter in our scientific

language. The radiation is necessary for the process of photosynthesis, from

which all higher forms of physical life derive their energy. In this radiation

in the galactic cloud, enough heat is produced for nuclear fusion to occur and

in the interior of the star field heavy elements are produced from hydrogen and

helium to form iron. They explode and scatter the elements in universe, galaxy.

The remaining stars evolve creating the third dimensional reality. The eastern

science calls this night as the Night of Realization, where one’s higher

purpose and knowledge takes him into the fourth dimension. Esoterically this

night is referred for the sun of one’s heart to radiate and find out the inner

power that would serve him like the elements that hidden inside him. The

formation of iron is referred to the will power (a small star or ray of hope

bursting into a huge sun of will power).


Siddha Ratri


The fourth stage of evolution is ‘Siddha Ratri’,

where the universe makes way for a greater energy flow, a greater offering of

creation. All chemical matters are created giving birth to the whirling mass of

gas centers necessary for the formation of planets for evolution. Siddha

Ratri is referred as the Night of Offering, because many changes had to

take place during the early eternal nights. This serves as an offering or

creating many important chemicals and gas centers because of the nuclear

radiation. The gas centers gradually condense and form different gaseous

planets. The entire sub-energies that have formed as different chemicals, gas,

stars, planets and sun have started its identity from the radiation that has

its existence only after the destruction. In the same way by illuminating one’s

heart with God’s Light as a shimmering sun, by letting the past fade and letting

the egos die one lets many sub-energies of spiritual powers to take birth

inside him/her as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, healer, etc. that is how one

attains siddhi over many things which is referred as Siddha Ratri.


Vira Ratri


The fifth eternal night is called as the ‘Vira Ratri’

or the Night of Courage. In this stage of evolution, the sun pours into the

planets and takes from it the essence to continue its evolution. Various

planets that took birth in the previous night decides whether it has the ability

to go through the third dimensional life, to become identified with a higher

evolutionary system or not. If the life on the planet does not have the star

seed intelligence or if it does not mutate into multi dimensional star

directions it is devoured and destroyed. If the planet and its life decide not

to evolve further but to get devoured then it destroys itself from the

evolutionary path. To eat up its physical by-product or creation is symbolic as

the real sacrifice by the humans where one has to make an effort to recognize

one’s weakness and faults as a self check as the first step and then as the

second step one needs to forgo all those negative aspects with great will power

as chopping off something from them. To release the weakness human needs great

courage that is why the fifth night is the Vira Ratri.



The eastern teaching speaks very beautifully about this

sacrifice as, “ Her left foot forward in battle, she holds her severed head

with a knife. Naked she drinks voluptuously at the stream of the blood nectar

flowing from her beloved body.” This is referred to a great sacrifice in

the battle field of our life, of our own ideas, energies, habits, desires etc

that are dear to us but not good for our evolution that needs to be chopped and

eaten up so that it does not rises again inside us.



Kala Ratri


The sixth field of evolution or the sixth eternal night is

the ‘Kala Ratri’ or the Night of Frustration. In the process of

evolution of the universes those stars, that could not evolve or grow with the

galactic family and choose to die or collapse go through the three processes

according to the contemporary physics. The first process is the gravitational

collapse or contraction, where hydrogen becomes scarce and no longer energy is

generated the radiation pressure drops to collapse the star. The second process

is the nova phase, where there is nuclear explosion ejecting core materials and

expanding in all sides making the star increase the luminosity from hundreds to

many millions times. The third phase is the white dwarf, when a star has

exhausted all of its nuclear fuel releasing the gases changing it into white

color in a very small size. It is referred to the karmas that start pouring in

one’s life as he/she starts becoming a star or a sun, that needs to be

exhausted in a continuous process that many a times becomes a period of

frustration. The three process of star death is referred to the death or

collapse of the karmas of the present life, past life, and the karmas stored

for the future life as a white dwarf.



In the Indian texts it is referred to as the sudden end of

a system or the culmination of a process that had been going on for a long

time. “ softly smiling, Oh Mother, you shine with a crimson glow which may

be compared with a thousand newly risen suns, you wear a garland of skulls,

long black hairs, black big eyes, dark in complexion, with long tongue, you are

revered as to remove all sins….”


Garland of

skulls is the energy of the karmas that have been exhausted or collapsed for

every incarnation. Referring to the black colour is the interpretation of all

black energy that has been nullified by the Holy Mother who wears it on her

skin. The long tongue is the hunger to eat up or transmute all the karmas to

manifest a thousand newly risen sun as an open thousand petals of sahasradhara



Darvna Ratri


The seventh eternal night is the ‘Darvna Ratri’ or

the night of smoke also called as Dhumavati. The dhumavati is the

beginning of star collapse, then gradually spiraling into a new electromagnetic

orbital level of energy creating satellites as a new formation. The seventh

phase is referred to planetary intelligence of man who cannot get beyond the

seventh initiation with the present physical body. The seventh initiation

happens when all the karmas are burnt, hence the Masters refer this to as the

power of the ultimate destruction of the material phase of the Darvna Ratri

when everything is destroyed that goes up as smoke, so it is called as the

smoky night. Very important to understand here is that, during this phase the

human evolution needs the help of the Councils of Light or the Ascended

Masters, to direct their thought waves into the physical intelligence to

prepare them for the greater intelligence of God. With the greater intelligence

the human searches for paradise and the age of peace dawns on him/her bestowing

the wisdom of infinity of God.



Vira Ratri


The eighth stage or the eternal time is the ‘Vira Ratri’

or the second Night of Courage. During the earlier phase, the star, which was

collapsing is generally assumed as dead but in many evolutionary stages it does

not happens so. In fact the dying star undergoes a rebirth by silently emitting

the Light in various directions. After the white dwarf stage the rebirth of the

star from the same collapsing core occurs when the star further contracts.

Esoterically it is referred to the complete death of the ego after the seventh

step/initiation, where one has to go through the process of the re- birth as a

new being of Light. It needs lot of courage to overcome all weakness like a

death of the original personality and taking a new birth as a child of God in a

silent way. It is the night of courage because it is up to the human to take

the decision of the new birth letting where everything else than God is dead. A

very important night which falls as ‘Ashtami.’


Moha Ratri


The ninth evolutionary phase is the ‘Moha Ratri’ or

the Night of Delusion. In this phase the star shines like a blue lotus, where

the light is drawn towards its core restricting the flow of light. The star

shrinks to the minimum volume and contracts in this process. The gravitational

force of the star core becomes greater than the momentum of Light existing in

the star. Here the star’s karma has allowed for star intelligence to be

recycled, the same way the human who has the courage to live as a new being

leaving his past die, allows his intelligence to be recycled. This refers to

the most humble form of the human who has achieved the Light of God and has

closed the light inside him and not letting it escape. Moha Ratri is the

phase of love, where in the final period of evolution the human holds on to the

light so closely to him where he teleports and rematerializes one energy into

another with the new intelligence.


Maha Ratri


The tenth eternal time is the Night of Splendor, and is

the last phase of the evolution. While the star shrinks in contraction, it

finally collapses to zero volume and may create a hole as it spirals into the

infinite mass. It is said that the hole created in the infinite mass opens a

passage like a tunnel into another universe. Thus the movement between one

universe to another is allowed letting the space travel to occur. May be this

was the energy through which many great ascended masters used to travel into

many universes. Spiritually this night is referred to the merging of the

consciousness with the vastness of God as the many in one Light and finally

loosing the personality to merge into the God through the tunnel of Light. The

birth and death is always referred with tunnel of darkness which has spectrum

of Light in the end. The final and great merging of the individual soul’s

evolution takes place when he is expansive through the training of the ten

stages of Light. The tenth day is dashami or the Dusshera merging

and loosing the identity into the infinite God.



These ten nights are the multiple evolutionary phases that

every creation of God has to go through. This complex understanding is revealed

to the human to protect the earth’s planetary creation. This wisdom is actually

a teaching to the human to respect the limitations of our planetary Sun, which

is rapidly approaching a point of critical storms. To teach the importance of

the vastness of God beyond limitations these ten cosmic phases were reduced

into ten days and nights. They were marked special among the eastern philosophy

especially among the Chinese, Tibetan and the Indian ancient teachings. The navratras

simply does not mean worshipping of Mother form of God, but it is a

reminder of the most difficult ten phase of evolution from our beloved Mother




“Ya Devi sarva bootheshu; Shakti roopena




namasthasya, namasthasya , namasthasya namo namaha!”


May the radiations of Light pierce all veils and all

manner of limitation of that the brilliant energy within our mind awakens to

the fullness of all mysteries.

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Guest Kathleen

This inspiration behind what is written above seems to be directly from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch © 1973 by Dr. J.J. Hurtak.  If you enjoy seeing how the various ratri's relate to our stellar evolution we enourage you to read THE KEYS book.  We are in the midst of a changing universe which is going through vast changing as well during our era.

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