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The Eighteen Sacred Sakti Peethas

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My dear friends and like minded persons

May Goddess Durga grant you all happiness, peace and prosperity.

This letter is intended to brief you on the Eighteen Sakti Peethaas of India and their locations. The location identification is specified in a sloka starting “Lankaayam Sankari Devi……” As per the sloka, the first sakti peetham of Goddess is located in Srilanka in the name of Saankari, but amazingly no trace is found of this temple today in Sri Lanka. Kaamakshi Goddess is in Kancheepuram around 70 kilometers from Chennai in Tamilnadu. All temples in Kanchi are facing this temple which is quite interesting to see.

The third one is Goddess Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur situated in Maharashtra. The main deity is made up of pure gem stone and we find five headed Serpent in the name of Sesh Nag on the Crown of Goddess. Every year the sun race falls thrice on the Lotus feet of this Goddess. Goddess Chamundi in Mysore of Karnataka State is another Sakti Peeth and it is believed that the Demon Mahishaasur was killed by the Goddess at this place. Goddess Jogulamba is in Alampuram around 27 kilometers from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. It is a conjunction point for Tunga and Bhadra River when Tunga River is said to be of Lord Vishnu and Bhadra of Lord Shiva.

Srunkhalaadevi of Pradyumna is situated around 80 kilometers from Kolkatta. But then there is no trace of any temple now here, still Gangaasagar around 135 kilometers from Kolkatta is said to be now one of the sakti peethaas. Ekaveerika Devi Goddess is in Mahaar situated in the Nanded District of Maharashtra. This goddess is also worshipped in the name of Renuka Maata. One can have darshan of this Goddess from Shirdi. Ujjain Mahaakaali is another Sakti Peeth which is also called as the City of Avantika in the days of Bhoj and Vikramarka. It is on the banks of Kshipra River. The ancient Great Poet of India Kaalidaas was granted the knowledge by this Goddess.

Pithapuram in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh is the Holy Place of Puroohootika Devi. It is around 18 kilometers from Kakinada – a port town. It is situated in the temple of Shri Kukkuteswara Swamy. Goddess Bramaramba is in Sri Sailam – one of the 12 Jyothirlinga Places, on the banks of Holy River Krishna. According to an old saying, death in Holy Kaasi, Bhajan or Keertan or Jap in Arunaachalam in Tamilnadu, Just visit and darshan of God and Goddess in Sri Sailam are said to elevate any soul and purify. Goddess Girija Devi in Odhyanam situated 20 kilometers away from Jaajpur in Orissa on the banks of Holy River Vaitarani is another sakti peeth. Draksharaamam is situated in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh where we can have darshan of Goddess Maanikyaa Devi. It is just 32 kilometers from Kakinada. Assam State is the holiest state due to Goddess Kaamaroopa Devi in Gowhati. It is just 18 kilometers from Gowhati. Every year in the month of Ashada,

Ambavaachi festival takes place here when the temple gets closed for three/four days. This is on the banks of River Brahmaputra.

Goddess Vaishnavi is in Jwala Kshetra situated in Jammu and Kashmir and it is 13 kilometers away on a hill from Katra. I do not know the reason; we do not find a single beggar on this hill leading to the temple. Goddess Mangalya Gowri is in Gaya around 74 kilometers from Patna in Bihar. This place is famous for offering oblations to the fore fathers. Goddess Visaalakshmi in Varanasi is again associated with another Jyothirlinga of Lord Kaasi Viswanaath. It is on the banks of Holy River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. Goddess Madhaveswari in Prayag is also called as Alopi Devi and it is situated a few kilometers away from the HOLY TRIVENI SANGAMAM in Allahabad. The last one is Goddess Saraswathi Devi in Kashmir who is also called as Keer Bhavani. This simple paper will not permit to describe the importance of the places more in detail. However most of you are in receipt of my mails in detail from time to time as and when I visited these places and described my experiences.

It may not be possible to cover all the places at one stretch and it is quite tedious and time taking matter also. I suggest visiting these places as per convenience and stay there for at least one day so that one can experience the divinity of the place. But then, if possible please visit these places one after another as per the convenience starting with the forthcoming Dasara. The description of the places is given basing on the Slokaa and I have also heard some different places for different Sakti Peethaas. I only expect some authoritative representative of any Sankar Peeth to come out and clarify the doubts duly explaining the authenticity of the places. While doing this, it is also proper for the Holy Jagadgurus of India to clarify the places of Dwaadasa Jyothirlingas as there is some confusion when different people of different states claim their temples as that of a Jyothirlinga. This leads to utter confusion amongst the religious followers, therefore, it is

essential that they come out and give proper clarification on this subject.

Till then, we have no other go than to by our individual beliefs.

All the best.

Yours affectionately




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