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Garbhapal rasa

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Dear Dr. Mukesh ji

When we are here to advice someone then patient does not want to know the medicine is taken from which book of ayurveda. You wrote right uses of Gabrapal Ras- but I think you have not added main property of this medicine- it gives strength to foetus and helps to build up good Aouj of foetus and also helps to maintain health of mother.

There is one thing more- it should be taken with water of Munakka as it is necessary Aanupan because composition of Garbhpal Ras is made of ras and bhasam. Thus water of Munakka helps to retain ras and bhasam with removal of excess Veeraya of ras so that ras does not produce excess heat in body.

Water of Munakka is - take 25 gsm of munakka and soak in water -100 gsm and mesh it properly after 5 hrs. and then it is use-able for drinking.

I feel sorry if u get hurt from my advice because I assume that every Doctor who is qualified and doing practice is full of wisdom of Ayurved. But sometimes practitioner has slipped from their mind to tell Aanupan ( shastraokat).Thus no one can challenge to anyone .But advice can be given .

thanks and regards,

RasVaidya Gunjan Thakur


mukesh pandya <dr.mukeshpandya > wrote:

hi, Dear patient, GARBHPAL RAS, the name itself says everything. a medicine mfg.from RASATANTRASAR is an unique med.tobe taken during PREGNANCY. it is very safe & can be taken for nausia,girdel pain, repeated abortion,indigetion,anxity,colic etc. it is adviseble to take only under strict medical supervision during pregnency.



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I had two miscarriages and I am going to try for baby again...


Can I take this and how should I take this....


I have underactive thyroid and I am taking 100mcg levothyroxine on daily basis empty stomach...


Will this interefere with my allopathic medicine..when i get pregnant..do I have to leave this taking or what should I do ...

I have also been told to take the following medicines....can I still take them if I have underactive thyroid...


ashoka arishtam - 15ml bid

kumariasavam - 15ml bid


pushyanuka choornum - 1tsp bid with butter,


sathavari gulam - 1tsp bid


thriphala choornum - 1tsp in 200ml water boil & use it for washing the vagina.


putranjeeva and shiva ling beej.

I am getting loads of emails from different vaidya's , doctors and homeopathic as I wan to get proper advise, but everybody seems to give all other names of medicines...


Can anybody tell me just one time what should I take and how will this help me...

for example : I had 2 miscarriages in a row...my periods are irregular even though my GP in UK says my results are normal....I have vaginal/vulva itching...for which various test have been done like STD's,chlyamdia and all and results have come back fine.....i feel I have weak uterus,cervix..my hormones are still not balanced....it took me seven months to conceive eventually....i feel my joints are not strong enough....my bowel system is fine....i dont usually eat sweet items...instead of sugar...i take jaggery...


Can anybody suggest me what should I take ....

I have also been recommended


Stree sathi 1-1

Kumariak 1-1

Suhruday 2-2

Rasayanyog 1-1

Suniram 1-1

Special tonic 1-1




Please advise.....






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