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A Challenge to Astrology - Multiple Sclerosis!!! (Attn. Charles et al.) 12/7

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Dear Prasad Garu,

Urs is a text book case of throat and utrine problems.

tha afliction of Satn by a luminary [sun] and in the axis of Taurus, throat, and Vrischika-genital/utrine, bowls is no surprise.

the problems may he set in Suk-Guru [guru in ravi's star] 20-5-03 tp 18-1-06 and will be more visibkle attended in 18-1-06 to 19-3-09, u hay have a relative break of 4 yrs and alter increases with more vigour next 5 yrs fom 19-3-13 can see more frequent treatments to them.

Prayers to Any form of shakti and Aditya also together will help u, mentally and physically.


u can refer to Raphe's medical astrology -Sagar Publications, Delhi

Medical Astrology by J N Bhashin, ranjan, delhi

Dr. K S CHAR'KS medical astrology 2 volues a good as tro, +doc Surgeon to Big B family.


"P.R.K. Prasad" <aarkepee > wrote:

Dear Sean,

Can you analyse my chart & tell me why I had a malignant throat tumour & Ureteric stones ?

My date of birth is 02nd June 1957 at 10.36 am IST at VIJAYAWADA,ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIA.I am A cancer subject by lagna as well as Rasi withJupiter in Leo,Rahu in 4th house(Libra) ,Saturn in 5th house (Scorpio),Mercury & Ketu in Aries with Sun in Taurua & venus with Mars in Gemini (12th house) ?



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