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Can someone please tell me what is happening to me?

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Namaste, I hope someone here can answer my question.

When I sit down and begin chanting "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA",

my whole body instantly begins vibrating, rocking back and forth

my head swings for side to side and lots of other very strange

movements. Then it stops completely after about ten minutes. Can you

tell me if this is good for me and what it is that is hapenning?

Is it releasing stress from my body? Thank you very much for reading

and I look forward to finding out what this is. I like the feeling.. it

is quite pleasant.

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Guest guest

Dear Member:


What you are experiencing is an upsurge of kundalini power in an unregulated manner. Whole of your body is experiencing the mystical awakening due to the powerful mantrik vibrations contained in the mantra. As you are chanting with devotion, your body is able to grasp the vibrations fast and that is what you are experiencing. This is similar to yogic trance; march ahead boldly; do not stop with the satisfaction this generates. With more and more practice of the japa, you may reach a stage where you may experience something of a plateau (the feelings generated will not be as intense and pleasurable as it is now); but after that, you will really open up to higher levels of consciousness by Divine Grace. You are progressing well in the yogic path. But do not stop with this experience...Believe me, there is more to this!


Blessed be.


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To some extent I agree the Guest/Pundit R.


But the marching ahead is not exaclty easy as been said. During the activation...one is to suffer mentally and lot things. N it's impossible to activate by chanting any mantra untill and unless one gets the initiations from the capable Guru. But, still, it's possible to feel the upsurge of Kundalini due to the past life sadhanas.


Well, keep it up.


Lemme ask, U r a householder or anything like renunciants ????

Celebacy is the most needed thing in Kundalini, if you are not in it then forget the thing you are experiencing is Kundalini. It's just the Pranic force traveling with the result of Mantra chanting, nothing more. And there are more things on it .......................


Just carry on the things.

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Well, i forgot to tell you earlier that such vibrations could be of evil spirits or like. To get your Kundalini awakened, you need a capable Guru ( which is just rare). Still, you can find some capable Guru.


Awakening of Sahashrara is a huge thing among millions of thousands people only few manage it.Even so called Lamas N Avatari Lamas and so called miraculous Gurus and Bhagavans don't have it.

Kundalini is not that much cheap, is it was then everyone has become Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krishna and so on.


But, even in this time under the guidance of the capable Guru can make us just one of them or even advance further. Main thing isto find out a Guru. Simply a Guru won't work, but we need a SADGURU which is as rare as blue diamond.

Sadguru is only one in whole 4 eras.But every sect and the panth claims it's Guru is the only Sadguru. Pouring faith into the Guru is the great thing but SADGURU ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Dear Fleischmanmike

Twitching and shaking of body when you chant a mantra are sure sign of Kundalini awakening.

Yogic scriprures report this sign as one of the many possible signs of kundalini awakening..

So nothing to worry and continue your practice. When your nadies gets used to the power

the shaking will stop and you will progress to new hights


Kundalini can be awakened by Mantra upasana ( Patanjali yoga sutra) and that is what happened to you.

No need to change your mantra. You have accomplished kundalini activation by this mantra and hence

this is the correct and powerful mantra for you. By the by even if you change the mantra you might still

experience the shaking as your kundalini is already active and any meditation practice involving

cooncentration is likely to trigger it.


Do not discuss with people who dont have practical experience of kundalini yoga ,

even if they appear to be pious and yogis. Once I was sitting in a asram temple

and chanting my mantra. And i started shaking violantly as you have said.

I was used to it and I knew what it was. But the monk of that asram who was wearing

a saffron cloth was frightened and when my meditation was over and i opened my eyes

he started enquiring about it with fear and concern . He started advising that something is wrong

with my method and that in meditation one should actually experience peace.

I knew instantly that this monk does not know anything about kundalini awakening

(he didnot experienced kundalini awakening is certain)


I am sharring this so that you dont get discouraged or distracted .

People who do not know will discourage you and frighten you.

You are not unhelthy or possed by some spirit( of course you know that you are not possessed).

Nor your method is wrong. You are lucky to have this experience and you should continue the practice.

Kundalini is a terrific power and when it awaken it shakes the body. Ramakrishna paramahamsa gives

the anology of a whild eliphant entering a hut for kundalini awakening experience -the elephant makes

a big ruckers and shakes up the hut. If you continue with your upasana you will fall in to

a myistical experience and in due course gain wonderful siddhies. But be patient and regular

and rigorous in practice.


Best luck



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it's been really long since i visited here ....


i agree K Ravindran to lotta extent....



well, U can go up to the third level Urself if U r too much determined..

bt after the third level....do not throw Urself into reveries....!!! Till U get to the perfect Guru Ur Kundalini will travel on its own way which could be hazardous .....and i have witnessed these quite a few time...




This is the striking reality that only 0.5 percentage of ppl can activate the First Chakra ....and almost all are compelled to drop it down when they reach the second....only 0.005 or else can reach third...


Kundalini Awakening is not the candy we buy and eat easily....


i don't deny Ur experiences...U could be the person among that 0.5% of peoples....



Twitching and shaking starts right after Ur first Chakra receives the cosmic waves...the vibrations .....which is just a beginning...


there's still lot more to go.........




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hiiii Friends

Dear friends i am new to this discussion forum. My dear friends i am also looking for people who can share their experiences in spiritual path and can guide me in attaining the god realized state.

I have am reading book”Autobiography of a Yogi" By Paramhans Yogananda Ji. I have read his book the "Divine Romance" also.

I have attended some spiritual classes conducted by <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Oneness</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">University</st1:PlaceType></st1:place>. It was One week course where i have learned the importance of parents and relations on this earth. It been one Year now.

After completing that course, my thirst for god realization was not over, i started looking for more guidance or more people who can take me through this path.

One day i could find the book "The Divine Romance" in my sister place. The book was some where in the corner and i took up this book and started reading it. There i started getting inspired by Paramhamsa Ji.

In that book also he has mentioned without blessed guru we can’t achieve any thing in our life.

Now i am in search of my guru , i dont know where i will get him and how i will get him but i have faith one day he will come and pick me up and lift me towards the My loving god.

I never practiced any kind of kundalini yoga or any yogic methods till now.

I am planning to Join Kriya Yoga center which is in Malleshwaram

Here i am looking for clean souls who can guide me in this.

Hey friends it will be a great support from you.



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Dear Laxmi, It's really really the inspiring fact of modern age that people are turning to be spiritual than religious, wow. I must appreciate your hunger for the truth. Reading books could be the initial stage in this path...which brings the curiosity along.... Reading puts a whole lotta knowledge in U but not with real divine experiences for this you need a real capable Guru, at least with The Third Eye awakening....ppl with Third Eye are not hard to find...but with the final one is rare and i am dead sure there exists only one in whole earth !!! Well, ppl with real experience will never share except few words on it. They are not mean but it is the Super Rule which you will confront if you carry on the search... sure Kriya Yoga is a great sort of Yoga but..it demands a whole lotta patience still is a great thing to practice...... keep it up...

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